What is RCE? How to prevent remote code execution attacks

What is RCE? How to prevent remote code execution attacks

Microsoft recently released the latest security update that fixes 50 security vulnerabilities. Of the 50 security vulnerabilities fixed by Microsoft in the June 12 security update, 14 security vulnerabilities allow remote code execution (RCE).

So what is a remote code execution attack and how to prevent it? You read the article’s track Taimienphi.vn Please!

What is RCE? How to prevent remote code execution attacks

Table of Contents:
1. What is remote code execution ?.
2. Some examples.
3. How to mine cryptocurrencies.
4. How to avoid.

1. What is remote code execution?

Remote code execution (RCE) is a technique that an attacker uses to access and make changes to someone else’s computer without permission and regardless of where the computer is located.

RCE allows an attacker to own a computer or server by running malicious software (malware) on its own. The RCE vulnerability (remote code execution) is one of the most dangerous types because attackers can execute malicious code that endangers the server.

2. Remote code execution example: Microsoft Excel remote code execution vulnerability

An example of a remote code execution flaw is the vulnerability CVE-2018-8248 – one of the security holes fixed by Microsoft in the June 12 security update. The CVE-2018-8248 vulnerability is also known as a Microsoft Excel remote code execution flaw, which allows an attacker to run malware on weak computers.

Rce is a way to prevent competition

The attacker CVE-2018-8248 can take full control of the compromised computer if the owner of that computer logs on to the computer with administrative rights. At this point, an attacker can view, change or delete data, install programs, or create new accounts with full user rights.

According to Microsoft, the cause of the CVE-2018-8248 vulnerability could be due to the creation of a malicious email with an attachment that contained a specially designed file with a corrupted version of Microsoft Excel. Another possible method is web hacking. An attacker can then host a compromised website or website with user-generated content containing specially designed files specifically designed to exploit the CVE-2018-8248 vulnerability.

According to this development, an attacker must persuade the user to click on the attachment or link to open a draft.

3. Remote code execution attack to mine cryptocurrencies

At the time of the outbreak of cryptocurrencies in December 2017, a report said that cryptocurrency mining was the target of nearly 90% of all remote code execution attacks.

Accordingly, 88% of remote code execution attacks in December 2017 sent requests to computers to try to download cryptocurrency mining malware.

What is RCE? How to prevent remote code execution attacks

These attacks attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in web application source code, mainly remote code execution vulnerabilities, to download and run various cryptocurrency mining malware on the machine. master. Malicious software often causes the CPU to not perform other tasks and users to not be able to use applications.

4. How to prevent remote code execution attacks

To prevent remote code execution attacks, users need to install software updates promptly.

For example, to prevent remote code execution through vulnerability CVE-2018-8248, users must install the Microsoft security update June 12, 2018.

To prevent malware attackers from exploiting cryptocurrency, it must be stopped from the beginning. Cybercriminals often exploit remote code execution vulnerabilities to launch their malware.

If your workplace is using computers that are at risk of remote code execution attacks, you should be equipped with the latest patch version.

Moreover, to minimize risks, your company must collect, analyze and resolve based on the most recent suspicious actions. The IT department should have the patch ready to minimize the risk of data breaches, but it is better to patch the workstations and servers automatically to prevent remote code execution and attacks. public network.

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