What is Roleplay? What is Roleplayer?

Roleplay is an increasingly popular trend in the world. However, not everyone knows what Roleplay is, what is Roleplayer? We invite you to find out the answer through the article below.

1. What is Roleplay?

Roleplay (Role-play, RP) translated into Vietnamese means role-playing. This is the term used to refer to a person changing their behavior, gestures and posture to resemble an Original Character (OC) – a built-in or self-imagined character, model, or image.

Roleplayer is the person who plays the role.

In addition to wearing costumes and makeup like a certain character, when Roleplay you also have to behave so that the people around you feel that you are that character. Roleplay is also supported by context, space and script… for the “role player” to achieve the highest efficiency.

Example: A typical roleplay is the disguise staff working at Disneyland when they transform into the character they are playing, for example Donald Duck… when interacting with visitors.

In real life, Roleplay also appears on the Internet through games – Role-playing games (in English, Role-playing games’, for short, RPGs) are very popular with young people today.

Another trend that is similar to Roleplay but better known is Cosplay. However, Cosplay is a term used to refer to fans who like to dress up as their favorite anime, manga, game, and movie characters.

Hopefully, through the above article, you already know what Roleplay is, how the forms of Roleplay, Roleplay and Cosplay are different.


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