What is special about Avira 2017?

What is special about Avira 2017? Every time a security software releases a new version every year, we continue to look forward to new security technologies built into the product in addition to the basic features available.

In 2016, a series of data security and network security issues happened to users in general. The damage is not obvious, but the risk is huge when users face malicious code spread through many sources, many roads. Equipping yourself with an anti-virus software is extremely necessary. Avira has brought to users a new version of Avira, 2017 Avira, which is provided free of charge with many new and advanced features. Taimienphi will introduce to you some new points on Avira 2017.

What is special about Avira 2017?

1. Avira Connect interface

Avira 2017 has integrated all of Avira’s services into one interface called Avira Connect. From here, users can manage all the technologies that they are using in a simple and easy to access interface.

2. Avira Antivirus is improved

What is avira 2017?

Keeping the same technology with the basic features of an antivirus software such as real-time protection, scheduling scans, firewall settings, deep scans, rootkits, … however on this 2017 version, Avira antivirus have upgraded more features anti-ransomware (against ransomware).

With this type of malware, user data will be encrypted in different ways depending on the distributor, and users will have to pay to recover this data. Technology anti-ransomware of Avira will detect and handle malicious code before it affects user data.

In addition, Avira’s database of viruses has also been significantly upgraded, the ability to protect users against malware spreading through social networks, safe browsing is also the features that Avira Upgrade in version Avira Antivirus 2017.

For an anti-virus software, deep intervention into the system as well as the integration of many protection features make the computer sometimes reduce performance, but with Avira Antivirus 2017, the software has been upgraded. for the least impact on your computer system.

3. Device control technology

Avira’s new technology allows users to securely connect peripherals such as USB. Devices connected to your computer will be tested and treated for malicious code before being actually worked on your computer.

4. Avira Browser Safety Technology

What is avira 2017?

Avira Browser Safety Installed on the machine as an extension, supports multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. This technology will monitor access on users’ computers to prevent spreading malicious code when users click on strange links or access fake websites.

This technology is essential, especially for users who regularly exchange data outside, who work on online transactions or transfer data with 3rd party services.

Here is an example of Avira Browser Safety: For Google, secure websites that correspond to search results will be highlighted in green.

What is avira 2017?

5. Avira Phantom VPN technology

What is avira 2017?

Technology Avira Phantom VPN allow:

– Encrypt personal information, bank accounts, passwords, browsing history …
– Block external access to personal computers
– Create virtual connections, access anonymously on the Internet

For the free version, you will only use information encryption service with 500 MB / month. If you want to use more, you will need to pay an extra fee

6. Speed ​​up the system (System Speedup)

What is avira 2017?

Avira provides technology to accelerate system integration in its product range with functions such as: Improving battery life, processing junk files, speeding up startup, managing registry, …

Note: Avira System Speedup is only available for Windows 7 and above.

7. Avira Anti-thief

What is avira 2017?

Avira’s security technology allows users to protect their devices from being stolen. Avira has also built the version of Avira Anti-Thief for phones, so your devices from computer to phone will always be protected.

What is avira 2017?

Above are some special features of Avira 2017 that readers should know. This is a software that provides effective, practical and not too complicated security solutions. For an average user, this is an optimal choice to protect themselves from the security risks on the Internet. Apart from Avira, you can also refer to and use Kaspersky Antivirus which is also a good choice for your computer.



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