What is stock image?

If you want to use the image to represent the brand without royalty and you cannot afford to hire a professional photographer for your projects, Stock photos – photos available in designs is the solution for you. . So, what is a stock image? How can you use stock images? Let’s find out these things with Taimienphi.vn.

Photo Stock is a great resource to get High quality and cheap photos which you can use in your designs for different purposes, for marketing and advertising needs, for personal or commercial creative projects, for publishing or for web and blog, etc.

What is stock image? How to use images, price

Table of Contents:
1. Stock photography.
2. Benefits of stock photos.
3. How can you use stock photos ?.
4. How much does stock photos cost?
5. Understand the fundamentals of Stock photos.
6. Enhance your projects with stock photos.

1. stock photography

Stock photos was ready-made images (already created) is licensed by paying both the photographer and the regulatory agency, thereby obtaining the right to use Stock images legally in different ways, while the author retains the copyright of his work.

2. Benefits of stock photos

Photo Stock (include Stock photography, vectors and illustrations ) has many perks for businesses and people who operate in creative fields, but their main benefit is Save time and money.

What is your stock?

Hiring a photographer or graphic designer to create a custom image you need is both costly and time consuming but Stock photo has been made available and is always ready to use and affordable.

3. How can you use stock photos?

License license is free allows you to use stock images for most commercial, editorial and personal purposes.

Image management rights allow using Stock images for different purposes but only with one license.

Agent photo stock Allows you to use images Only part of a more important design . You cannot display the same image as when you downloaded it, but instead edit and modify it to suit each of your projects.

Here it is a number of different uses for Stock images Common to most types of licenses:

Marketing and advertising
– Advertising – TV, Web, trade shows, …
– Printing materials
– Packaging Products
– Movies and videos
– Brochures (Brochures)
– Catalog

– Presentation
– Branding materials
– Letterhead
– Display booths
– Social network for sharing photos like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

– Leaflets
– Posters
– Greetting card
– Postcards

Entertainment and editorial
– Book and electronic book covers
– Books and electronic books illustrated
– Magazines and newspapers
– Blogs and online publications
– Broadcasting
– Video
– Presenting on stage
– News

– Graphic design
– Themes and web design elements
– Digital wallpaper
– Decorate – home, office or any public space

The personal use
– Posters
– Print version
– Reproduce
– Art

In addition, if you want to use images in products, then resell or redistribute (such as t-shirts and other physical products or as digital web templates), you should consult the license. Extend.

What is always very important is Read the license agreement carefully and fully understand the terms before using the Stock image, to ensure you use the Stock image legally.

4. How much does stock photos cost?

That depends on the type of license you buy and the agency you buy but usually falls in the average range.

Permission Management rights are tailored to the individual’s specific use needs. Prices vary depending on your intended use and the extension or limitation of rights including image size and resolution, ranging from $ 50 to thousands of dollars.

The free license is more flexible and comes preloaded for all images.

In addition, the non-exclusive license allows the same image to be licensed multiple times and this contributes to the reduction of the price of Stock images from 1 USD to 15 USD per image.

5. Understand the fundamentals of Stock photos

Copyright ownership

Most Stock images are copyrighted: the photographer or the stock photo designer holds the intellectual property rights to the images or illustrations.

Therefore, you cannot use the image without explicit permission and without paying royalties when due due to liability constraints.

With the exception of the Public Domain image, Creative Commons, most images in web sites are copyrighted.

In addition, agencies always revise every image to ensure all licenses are correct and the image is safe to use.


When you buy a stock image, you only purchase one license to use the image. You do NOT get ownership of the image.

There are many different types of image licensing agreements, but the most common ones are Free Royalty and Admin Rights.

Rights Managed

A license is designed for specific uses: it covers only one use case and is limited by time, geographic location, object size, copy speed.

The main advantage of this license is that it gives you greater use rights for major commercial purposes (such as mainstream media or major marketing campaigns) and may include exclusive use rights – you may have the right to be the only person using a specific image, for the time your license is valid.

Royalty Free

Is the most popular, affordable and most flexible licensing model.

However, the restriction is that images are NOT FREE. You still have to pay for a one-time license model license: once you have paid, you can use the image forever in so many projects without ever having to pay extra royalties.

This license provides you with many non-exclusive use rights for both commercial and editorial purposes, without any time limit.

Standard Royalty Free licenses are extended licenses but cost more.

Check and compare comprehensively to choose the right license for your specific needs!

Release model and commercial use

For commercial use of stock images, a commercial release and release model forces users to sign a legal license showing a commitment to use it for the right purpose.

This is important to ensure that the use of images is legally legal. Stock images must undergo careful censorship before being released showing that the images are available for commercial purposes.

Stock image editor

When no proper arrangement or selection is made, stock photos will only be available for editing. This means you can only use them to illustrate a not-for-profit topic like entertainment or the public interest.

Most popular editorial images are photos of famous individuals and celebrities, of notable events around the world, large crowds, etc.

It is important to remember that commercial images can be used for both commercial and editorial projects, but editorial images can only be used for editorial purposes.

Image quality

Stock images are pre-formatted in varying sizes and resolutions, but it’s important to note that they are of high quality.

Whatever the requirements of the project, you will most likely find a satisfactory stock image.

6. Enhance your projects with stock photos

As you can see, stock photo is a great way to make a visual impression on your commercial, editorial, and personal projects at a very low cost, getting your project “successfully” in the middle of an image time. throne “in business strategies, product promotion and branding.

So, don’t hesitate, start applying for a license to use stock images – an attractive, high quality and cheap image tool for your projects today!

Above is information about stock images and benefits as well as the proper perception of the rights to exploit and use stock images . Hopefully the above article of Taimienphi.vn has provided you with useful information. Also if there are any questions or questions that need answers like but Stock photo website Where to find free ?, readers can leave their comments in the comment section below the article.


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