What is stock photo? Free stock photo websites

Stock photo is a concept that often appears in the field of image design as well as web design. So what is stock photo? How is it used? And are there any sites that offer Stock Photo for free? In this article, we will also find out.

What is stock photo? Free stock photo websites

Table of Contents:
I. Find out more about Stock Photo.
II. Free stock photo websites.
1. Burst.

2. Unsplash.
3. Freerange Stock.
4. Picjumbo.
5. Fancycrave.
6. StockSnap.io.
7. SplitShire.
8. Life of Pix.
9. Pexels.
10. Gratisography.

I. What is Stock Photo?

Stock photos are professional photos of places, landmarks, nature, events or people, purchased and sold on a royalty-free basis and can be used / reused for design purposes. commercial design.

Photographers (or stock photo distributors) have the right to own images, and designers must accept certain restrictions when using photos (as specified in the purchase process). Conditions that may relate to issues such as using only licensed images, not reselling; If used in a magazine, the maximum number of copies of the image must be registered, etc. These terms of service may vary among stock photo distributors.

In general, designers can use stock photos as a cost-saving method because they can easily get professional photos without having to hire photographers directly. Today, stock photos can be purchased through registration and downloaded from the distributor’s website, or purchased as a collection of CD-ROMs.

II. Free stock photo websites

1. Burst

stock photos are free stock photo websites

Burst is a free stock photo platform provided by Shopify. Users can use these free images on online stores, product packaging design or anywhere else. The photo library is created and managed for the stores, so this is a useful resource for online businesses, with photo categories such as shopping, holidays, food, jewelry and merchandise. .

– Download Burst here.

2. Unsplash

stock photo is what stock photo websites are for free 2

In the beginning, Unsplash worked just as a simple tool to provide users with useful images. Today Unsplash has a huge library of over 600,000 high-resolution images and an active community. You can also join and follow the photographers you like. Images of Unsplash are used in some Apple and WordPress projects.

– Access Unsplash here.

3. Freerange Stock

stock photo is what stock photo websites are for free 3

Freerange Stock was established with the goal of providing quality stock photos for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. The site is supported by advertising revenue. In addition to professional images, Freerange Stock also has products contributed by the photography community. Most stock photos on this site are available in high resolution.

– Access Freerange Stock here.

4. Picjumbo

stock photo is what stock photo websites are for free 4

Picjumbo is a free stock photo website created in 2013 by designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek. So far, more than 6 million images have been downloaded from Picjumbo.

– Access Picjumbo here.

5. Fancycrave

stock photo is what stock photo websites are for free 5

Fancycrave has been created by photographer Igor Ovsyannykov since 2015. Today, users can download professional stock photo packs, including travel destinations and topics such as classic items, creative markets, horses. , etc. Fancycrave also offers a premium membership package, allowing access to over 900 new images each month.

– Access Fancycrave here.

6. StockSnap.io

stock photo is what stock photo websites are for free 6

StockSnap.io manages quality images from a group of photographers, offered free of charge to users. To ensure standards, photographers can only submit products up to 5 times. The stock-based catalog system is based on the StockSnap tab that allows you to browse and locate images to fit your needs.

– Access StockSnap.io here.

7. SplitShire

stock photo is what stock photo websites are for free 7

SplitShire started with 100 high-resolution images, so far, the site has about 1,000 images, more than 2 million downloads and 6 million page views.

– Access SplitShire here.

8. Life of Pix

stock photo are free stock photo websites 8

Life of Pix is ​​a website that provides quality images. In addition, every week, the web operating team will select a “Photographer of the Week” with the most impressive photo.

– Access Life of Pix here.

9. Pexels

stock photo is what stock photo websites are for free 9

Pexels offers free quality stock photos, uploaded by users or sourced from free photo sites. The site has hundreds of thousands of photos available, all of which are tagged so you can find them easily on demand.

– Access Pexels here.

10. Gratisography

stock photo is what stock photo websites are for free 10

Gratisography is a collection of free high-resolution stock photos, sent from around the world. If you want the product to appear on Gratisography, photographers must ensure the uniqueness of the photos.

– Access Gratisography here.


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