What is Surface Duo?

What is Surface Duo?

Recently, Microsoft has officially revealed the dual screen smartphone line called Surface Duo and promises this will be a successor to the success of the previously launched Surface line. To find out in detail what Surface Duo is, readers follow Taimienphi.vn’s article!

What is Surface Duo? Things worth noting

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1. What is Surface Duo ?.
2. What’s remarkable about the Surface Duo?

Surface Duo is the smartphone line that Microsoft’s Surface fans have long been expecting. So Surface Duo has something interesting, right now readers should explore with Taimienphi.vn in the article below!

1. What is Surface Duo?

Recently, at the Microsoft 2019 event held at NYC, the company revealed the next generation of Surface series in 2019 and 2020, including dual-screen Surface Neo tablets and Microsoft Surface Duo. Accordingly, Microsoft Surface Duo will be a smartphone branded Surface and bring in itself the great features of a new foldable phone from Microsoft. Expected, Microsoft Surface Duo will be released in 2020.

2. What’s remarkable about the Surface Duo?

Compared to the Surface Neo, the Duo is a more compact device and users can fold it easily with two 5.6-inch screens divided by a central hinge creating an 8.3 display space. inch (diagonal). In that sense, the Surface Duo will not be exactly like the smooth experience like on the newly launched Huawei Mate X or Samsung Galaxy Fold. Moreover, compared to the plastic screen that easily breaks when dropped by Galaxy Fold, Surface Duo with Gorilla Glass screen (made of tempered glass) will limit this a lot.

what is surface duo?

As Microsoft Product Manager Microsoft Devices at NYC events, Microsoft is working with Google to bring “the best of Android into a product”. The Surface Duo will not run Windows 10 like the Surface Neo, but instead will be an Android operating system – a rival to Google.

In terms of configuration, just like the Surface Neo, the Surface Duo will likely feature an easily customizable Intel Lakefield processor and an Intel Gen11 graphics set.

In addition, there is certainly still a lot of interesting information about the Surface Duo that has not been revealed by Microsoft, so please read on and wait for this smartphone to hit the shelves to experience it!

With the article information above, Taimienphi.vn hope readers will get an overview of the Surface Duo. If you have any questions or questions regarding the above content, please feel free to leave your comments in the comments section of the article!


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