What is tap? What does tap mean on Facebook?

What is tap, what does click mean on facebook? Please read the article below to get the answer.

What is tap?

  • Problems are difficulties, problems in work due to lack of human resources or time, and cannot be resolved.

For example: These days, the children in the house work all the time, so the house is too crowded.

  • Confusion means confused, do not know how to solve before the busy work, congestion.

For example: The whole family goes to work, Loan comes home from school alone and has to take care of her younger brother while cooking rice and feeding pigs and chickens, rushing in and out.

  • Tap means worry when something happens.

Example: The house is in turmoil because someone is hospitalized.

  • Clicking on Facebook means being angry, feeling uncomfortable inside as if you are under some pressure.

For example: Seeing the protagonist love blindly, being deceived by his lover many times despite knowing but still forgiving over and over again makes viewers angry.

Hope the above article has helped you understand the meaning of the word “tap”. Vietnamese is very rich and diverse because of the system of tones, letters and the combination of local languages ​​of the above regions. Therefore, there are many words from many different regions that not everyone understands the meaning, such as Khu man, Truc, …


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