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What is the address What is an IP address?

What is the address is the Private IP address used as the default IP address on Netgear and D-Link routers. In case if there is another router on the same local network using the same default IP address, we can change that IP address through the router control panel.

In addition to being used to set the default IP address for routers, the address is also used to identify network connection problems with D-Link and Netgear products.

How does Private IP address work? is a Private IP address registered by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). IANA determines the range of IP addresses used on private networks, and is often used on local networks or personal computers.

If a network device tries to use an Private IP address as an identifier, that device cannot connect to the Internet. In addition, a network device outside the network cannot connect to a computer or network device directly using a private IP address. These connections must go through a device or router rather than through the NAT port, providing another layer of security for the local network.

Private IP address range:

– to

– to

– to

– to

address 192 168 0 1 what is 2

Why is used as the default router IP address?

Why do most routers use IP address as default address? The answer is simple, an IP address is a non-routing address, and the Private IP address is not assigned to any organization and does not need an Internet service provider to specify it.

There are also some ideas that all IP addresses are routed, because Private IP addresses are specific addresses, not routed publicly on the Internet but routed through NAT or Proxy server before being connected to the Internet.

Private IP addresses are used in most large and small business networks because Internet service providers (ISPs) often assign a public IP address in one location.

IPv4 addresses are running out, and that’s why we have to rely on Private IP addresses. Until IPv6 was born, users will have public IP host for all devices, but that day is still far away.

If there are many devices that need to connect to the Internet with a public IP address, the NAT (Network Address Translation) port will be used to compile all private IP addresses to public IP addresses before connecting to the Internet. . A NAT device is also considered a router that provides a private IP address for all computers on the local network (DHCP server).

Here are 3 ranges of Private IP addresses registered by IANA in RFC 1918:

IP address range Number of Classes – 16.777.216 Class A – 1,048,576 Class B – 65,536 Class C

address 192 168 0 1 what is 3

Any private network in the world uses one of these three IP address ranges. The class is determined by the number of possible addresses in that range. Class A has more than 16 million usable addresses, for large organizations with hundreds of network connections.

The reason why most routers set C class IP addresses is because this class can handle more than 65,000 IP addresses, enough for a small business or household.

The first address that can be used in the C network layer is, which is often used as the default router IP address because it’s easy to miss. If you want, you can still change the default IP address to a network IP of class A or class B.

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