What is the auto-clicking feature on NoxPlayer used?

There are many utilities that users can use on NoxPlayer but not all of us know about it. And the following article will guide you to use the auto-click feature on NoxPlayer, a feature that helps you save time and effort when you want to perform certain operations multiple times in a given time period.

Macro Recorder is one of the features that helps users save time, it records user actions on the Android NoxPlayer emulation software. And this feature appears only on version and above of NoxPlayer.

NoxPlayer – The software has many useful features on the computer

– Link to download Nox App Player: Nox Player

Auto click feature on NoxPlayer

Step 1: First, launch Nox App Player on your computer and select the icon Macro Recorder, or you can press the key combination Ctrl + 9.

how to click the mouse on noxplayer 2?

Step 2: At the interface of Macro Recorder, you can directly click on Play icon to begin the process of recording his actions. Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcuts to perform and save actions.

F1 key: Start or continue to record the action.
F2 key: Save actions you took.
F3 key: Pause.

how to click the mouse on noxplayer 3

When the action starts recording, Macro Recorder starts to count the time, the recording time is displayed above the software as shown below.

how to click the mouse on noxplayer 4

Step 3: Once the record is complete, you can change the name to remember the action for the application by selecting edit icon next Record time. Click and write the content to remember and then press Enter to complete the name change.

how to click the mouse on the noxplayer 5

Step 4: In addition, you can set advanced settings for the record by clicking the icon Setting (cog gear) to open Menu Setting.

how to click the mouse on noxplayer 6

– Loop 1:

+ Loop number of times: This is the number of times you want the record to perform. For example, in the record you made 5 clicks and you fill in the number 2 in the box, when running the record, the number of clicks will be 2×5 = 10 times.

+ Loop until stop button is pressed: When you click on the Nox App Player screen, the recording action will stop.

+ At the third option: You can set the time to make a record, and it automatically stops when the timer runs out.

how to click the mouse on noxplayer 7

– Loop 2: Here you set the pause time of the record. For example, you enter the number 10 in the middle box (Interval 10 sec). Equivalent to 5 seconds of pause between repetitions of records.

how to click the mouse on noxplayer 8

– Acceleration: If you choose the higher the Acceleration number, the faster the action speed of the record.

how to click the mouse on noxplayer 9

– Restart:

+ Will restart emulator in minutes: Set the interval before the simulator restarts.

+ Auto-start when the emulator startup: This option automatically starts the action log when Nox App Player starts up.

how to click the mouse on noxplayer 10

Step 5: If you want to save the action log, select Export and check the register to be saved in Select scripts to export then press OK, got it.

how to click the mouse on the noxplayer 11

Hopefully, the above article will help you save time and effort when you want to perform a certain operation many times, or require continuous mouse clicks on NoxPlayer. If in the process of using NoxPlayer, the screen is black, you have to refer to the article How to fix NoxPlayer black screen error we mentioned earlier, so they don’t interfere with your experience.


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