What is the empire’s command of the people and the army?

The Empire’s orders for people and troops will help players increase the number of people and their troops quickly. In this article, Taimienphi.vn will share with you the reading orders for the people and the army in the Empire. Invite you to refer.

Game Empire or Age of Empires is a game that was born a long time ago but still holds an important position in the heart of the gaming community. In order to help users increase the enjoyment of playing the Empire game, we would like to share a few commands to help you get up quickly and easily get troops at the beginning of the battle, including the empire command to ask the people


First you need to know how to get orders in Empire like. After entering the game, click Chat (or press the Enter key) then enter the command in the chat box and press Enter to complete.

HC is an imperial order to get people to the main house quickly. Usage is also very simple, you press the keys one after the other H and C. Each time you repeat that, you have asked for one more person in your main house.

In the Empire game, there are many military orders, here are a summary of all military orders that you can use:

Flying Dutchman: Help boats can go ashore.

Big Momma: Sports cars shoot white guns, this weapon is also very strong.

Medusa: Farmers died as equine horses, bow horses died into stone cranes (Farmer 3 generations).

Stormbilly: Get the Battle Robot.

Convert This !: Turning the witch into a lightning wizard (also known as the order to get the magician called thunder), the speed of moving across the black car.

Big Bertha: Help the car shooting stone (stone crane) shoot far and faster.

Black Rider: Horses Archer (Horses Archer) after death turned into cannon crane.

Pow: Take children to shoot guns.

Photon Man: Get a laser shot soldier.

Dark Rain: Help bow A (soldier ranked No. 2 in the palace) walk on the sea, and turn into a tree. Health and range increased.

E = Mc2 Trooper: Nuclear soldiers have the same destructive power as cars.

UpsidFlintmobile: R horse (bow horse) runs and shoots extremely fast.

King Arthur: Turn all eagles on the map into dragons.

Hoyohoyo: Help the witch run 6 times faster and increase her health to 600. Pow Big Mama: Get extremely powerful children.

Bigdaddy: Black sports cars shooting, this is a very powerful weapon.

Above is a summary of the orders for the people and the army. Hope you will help you relieve stress with this fascinating game. In addition, the empire game has a lot of commands for you to come up quickly. You can refer to the article summarizing the complete empire code from A to Z that we have shared.

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