What is the golden duck avatar?  Why is there a trend to change Psyduck duck avatar?

What is the golden duck avatar? Why is there a trend to change Psyduck duck avatar?

Suddenly, many Facebook accounts simultaneously changed the avatar of the golden duck, making many people unable to catch up with this trend in time. I don’t even understand why there is a trend to change Psyduck duck avatars? What is the golden duck avatar?

Similar to what the 9t clip is, many people naturally become old-fashioned when the user account avatars change to the golden duck Avatar. In particular, the trend changed Yellow duck avatar The more this cute spreads, the more people change it. So What is the golden duck avatar? From where?

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Avatar golden duck on Facebook is widely applied by many people

1. What is the golden duck avatar?

The trending yellow duck avatar is the user who uses the image of a yellow duck with a silly, funny, cute expression (Psyduck duck with many different versions) to install as his or her Facebook avatar.

2. Why is there a trend to change Psyduck duck avatar (yellow duck)?

Starting from the evening of August 15, the image of a golden duck trending on Facebook in the avatar increased rapidly over time, becoming a trend to change Avatar, making many people not know why most people change this avatar in the past. same day.

avatar vit is resounding

Cool, cute, silly duck avatar

According to Taimienphi.vn, the trend of changing this golden duck avatar is from the Genz group, they changed their avatar to a golden duck and then used brain-hacking fun puzzles to quiz others with limited answer time. . If the person being quizzed does not answer within that time limit, he or she is required to change his avatar to a golden duck.

Just like that, if Facebook users are more curious, click on the yellow duck avatar changer and ask the reason, if lucky to answer the question correctly, keep the avatar image, but if not, it must be changed as required.

Thus, the yellow duck Avatar trend is a crowd effect, hitting the psychology of Facebook users when they are always curious about everything. Therefore, this Avatar trend has been replicated even more, causing the golden duck to land everywhere on Facebook.

If you are also looking to catch the trend of changing the golden duck avatar, refer to the article Duck Wallpaper yellow, cute duck avatar to easily choose a nice, satisfactory image to change. Surely, you will find many beautiful photos, change your avatar often.



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