What is the IP address

What is the IP address is the Private IP address, the default on some broadband routers in households. In addition, this IP address is also assigned to private devices on the Home Network when the router’s IP address is What is the IP address for? Readers refer to the following article of Taimienphi.vn.

Because it is a private IP address, is the second address of the network range to and is the only address on the local network.. Although the address is set by default on some routers, users can assign this address to any router or computer on the local network to use.

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What is the IP address What is an IP address?

How does Private IP address work?

There is no special meaning or value for individual IP addresses, Private IP addresses are simply those assigned by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), a global organization that manages IP addresses. is “private”.

Private IP addresses are used on private networks and cannot be accessed from the Internet, but can only be accessed from devices on the private network.

That’s why modems and routers can easily work by using the same private IP address. To access the router from the Internet, we must use the router’s public IP address.

The range of addresses that IANA specifies for use on private networks is in the range 10.0.x.x, 172.16.x.x and 192.168.x.x.

Use the address to connect to the router

If the router uses the address on the local network, we can log in to the Admin console by entering the address in the web browser’s URL bar.

At this time, the screen will display a notice asking for Admin username and password. All routers are configured with the factory default username and password.

The most common default username is Admin, 1234 or no username. Similarly the most common passwords are admin, 1234 or no passwords. The default username / password is usually printed on the back of the router.

In case if you encounter problems during the connection, you can access the router interface to troubleshoot the problem.

ip address 192 168 1 2 is what 2

Why is a common address?

Router and access point manufacturers must use private IP addresses. Initially, broadband router manufacturers like Linksys and Netgear chose the default IP address of 192.168.1.x.

Although this address range starts from, most people think that this series should start from 1 instead of 0, so is the best choice to start the network. family.

With the router assigned the first address, it will assign the address to each device on the network. So is the most popular address today.

Devices connected to the network do not gain higher performance or better security from IP addresses, whether it is, or any other Private address.

Assign to the device

Most networks automatically assign Private IP addresses using DHCP. This means that the device’s IP address can be changed or reassigned to another device. In the case, if you assign this address manually, a connection error may occur when the router is not configured to use the corresponding address.

Here’s how the router works:

– Each local router uses DHCP to configure with a series of addresses that it can allocate to clients.

– Routers for domestic use have the default address of, the default address of the guest address is in the range from to Most routers will assign IP addresses to network devices starting from this range, so we rarely see IP addresses on our network out of range.

– Usually the router does not check if the address (or any address in this address range) is manually assigned to any client. This can lead to an IP address conflict error in which two devices on the same local network use the same IP address.

– IP address conflict will disrupt the network interface of both devices. Therefore, you should allow the router to control the assignment of IP addresses on the Home Network.

How to find the router IP address

To find the router IP address, follow the steps below:

– For Windows users:

First access Start =>Run and enter the following command in the Run command window:

cmd / k ipconfig

The router’s IP address is listed in the section Default Gateway.

– For Mac users: If you’re using a Mac, follow the steps below to find the router’s IP address:

First open Terminal and enter the following command:

-n get default route

IP address in section Default Gateway is the router’s IP address.

In case if the above steps are not available, the IP address of the router is not found, we will have to reset the router to the factory default state. The default IP address of the router is

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