What is the IP address

What is the IP address

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The IP address is a private IP according to the network range starting from, used on some broadband routers and modems. Some popular modems and routers using this IP address include CenturyLink’s 2Wire, Aztech, Billion, Motorola, Netopia, Sparklan, Thomson and Westell modems.

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What is the IP address What is an IP address?

What is the IP address is the IP address in the IP address range for private networks. To connect to the router, visit . If the IP address is not working, your router is using a different IP address.

Some router manufacturers often use the IP address as the default IP address in their device hardware settings. This IP address allows users to access settings inside the router or modem.

Similar to the address, the address is used in most networks and small businesses, because the Internet service provider (ISP) usually assigns a unique IP address to a device to connect to the Internet. In case if we need to connect many devices to the Internet, we will use the NAT (Network Address Translation) port.

According to IANA defined in RFC 1918, the IP address is of class C.

Learn about Private IP addresses

As we all know, all devices connected to the network using Internet Protocol to communicate are assigned an Internet Protocol address (called an IP address), used to identify the server address or Network interface and address location.

Because IP addresses are difficult to remember, we often use domain names when we want to connect to computers, services or other resources on the Internet.

The domain names that we enter into the browser URL bar will then be translated into IP addresses by a hierarchy called Domain Name System (DNS).

However, not all available IP addresses are used as public addresses. In IPv4 addresses, used on most devices today, there are 3 ranges of IPv4 addresses for private networks:

– – This 24-bit block contains 16,777,216 private IP addresses.

– – This 20-bit block contains 1,048,576 private IP addresses.

– – This 16-bit block contains 65,536 private IP addresses.

As we can see, is part of the 16-bit address block, containing 65,535 Private IP addresses. Routers using the Private IP address usually assign all devices connected to other Private IP addresses in the same range, such as,,, …

Purple Router address

The router manufacturer assigns the default IP address for their device, but you can change it at any time. Enter (not www. ) in the browser address bar to access the router control panel, where you can change the router’s IP address as well as configure some other settings.

If you are unsure or don’t know the IP address of your router, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click Windows + X to open the Power Users menu.

Step 2: Next on the Power Users menu, find and click Command Prompt to open the window.

ip address 192 168 1 254 is what 2

Note: In case if the Command Prompt option does not show up in the Power User Menu, enter it cmd Go to the Search box on the Start Menu, then on the search results list, click Command Prompt.

Step 3: Enter the command ipconfig Go to the Command Prompt window to list all connections on your computer.

Step 4: Find the item Default Gateway in Local Area Connection.

ip address 192 168 1 254 is 3

Step 5: The Default Gateway address is the router’s IP address.

Default username (username) and password

All routers are set with a default username and password. Different router manufacturers set different default usernames (passwords) and passwords.

Here are the most common default login usernames and passwords:

– 2Wire: blank username, blank password.

– Aztech: Username can be admin, user or left blank. The corresponding password is admin, user or blank.

– Billion: Username is admin, password can be admin or password.

– Motorola: Username is admin or leave blank. Password is password, motorola, admin, router or blank.

– Netopia: The username is admin. The password can be 1235, admin, password or leave it blank.

– SparkLAN: Username is empty, password is empty.

– Thomson: username is empty. The password can be admin or password.

– Westell: The username may be admin or leave it blank. The password can be password, admin or leave it blank.

After accessing the router control panel, you can configure the settings, the IP address of the router. The router allows users to change settings including the address assigned to devices on the network.

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