What is the IP address

In the previous articles, readers read along with Taimienphi.vn to learn about the IP addresses of and In the next article below, Taimienphi.vn will introduce you to what IP address is? is the fourth IP address in the range of to Home broadband routers often use this address range when assigning IP addresses to local devices. The router can automatically assign the IP address to any device on the local network or the administrators can manually assign it.

In the following article, Taimienphi.vn will introduce you in detail about what is IP address

What is the IP address What is an IP address?

What is the IP address

As mentioned above, is the IP address in the range of – The Home Network usually uses this address range. Usually a router can automatically assign addresses to any device (laptop, personal computer, mobile device) on the local network.

In the range of IP addresses –, is a Private IP address according to RFC 1918. Addresses like are not public Internet addresses.

If we need to connect a private network (Private Network) to the Internet, we will have to use a proxy server or a gateway.

Why is the IP address common?

The IP address is part of the private C network layer. The IP address range of this network layer starts from –, this makes the number of IP addresses can reach 65,535.

Often this range of IP addresses is used on private networks because many routers are configured to use or as default IP addresses.

If we connect this network to devices such as tablets, phones or laptops, the IP address we will receive is

Access the router

All routers are accessible through the browser. If the router’s IP address is, we enter in the browser address bar. A login window will appear, where you enter your username and password into it.

The most commonly used username and password are: admin, 1234 or leave it blank.

Find the router IP address

To find out the router’s IP address, we will use the ipconfig command. Follow the steps below to search for router IP addresses:

– First click Start =>Run and enter cmd then press Enter to open the Command Prompt window.

– Next, enter the following command in the Command Prompt window and press Enter:


The router’s IP address is the Default Gateway address:

ip address 192 168 1 4 is what 2

Address conflict error

Most networks assign dynamic private IP addresses using DHCP. In case if you try to assign manually on Home Network, then IP address conflict problem may occur.

Many home network routers use as the default IP address. If the user does not check whether that IP address has been manually assigned to any client, before automatically assigning this address to the client, then two different devices on the same network are assigned an address., one is assigned manually and one is automatically assigned and the result is an IP address conflict error.

The device has an IP address Dynamic can be assigned a different address in the case if the device is disconnected from the local network for extended periods of time. This period, also known as borrowing time in DHCP, varies by network configuration, but is usually 2 or 3 days. Even if the DHCP time expires, the device is still likely to still receive the same address the next time it joins the network, unless the other devices have also expired.

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In addition to, users are also known for other ip addresses such as,,, … let’s explore these ip addresses with Taimienphi.vn offline


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