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What is the Mailing List in Email Marketing?


In the previous Email Marketing lesson, readers worked with to learn about what Email Marketing is, what are the pros and cons. In the following article, will introduce you more about Mailing List in Email Marketing.

What is Mailing List in Email Marketing? How to build and develop the Mailing List, read the next article of

1. What is Mailing List in Email Marketing?

Mailing list is simply a list of addresses sent with the same information or a certain topic. If you are a magazine publisher, you will have a list of mailing addresses for all registered users.

There are 2 types of Email Mailing List:

– Announcement List:

Used so that a person or group can send notices to a specific group of people, like the mailing list that a magazine publisher uses to send their journals to customers. For example, a group can use the mailing list to send mail to their fans about upcoming tours.

What is the mailing list in email marketing?

– Discussion List:

Used to allow a group of people to discuss topics together, in which people can send mail to the list and send it to others in the group. These discussions can also be moderated, so only selected posts are sent to group members or only specific people are allowed to post to the group.

2. Collect email addresses

The first step in Email Marketing is collecting email addresses of potential customers. There are many ways to collect detailed data, in this article will mention and introduce you.

Formula to build Email List

When analyzing websites and email list building techniques, we will infer a common formula. If it was possible to break the process of building a huge email list into its basic parts, it would look like this:

What is the mailing list in email marketing 2?

Basically, everything comes from content. People will know and access your site more if its content is useful. Moreover, if the content is appropriate and useful, visitors will also access in the next visit. Content is the basic platform to attract users to click on the subscribe button so you can build an email list.

CTA (Call-to-Action) is the next stage.

Strategy for building Email List

– Use CTA: CTA (short for Call-to-Action) are calls to action that convert user actions. This button can appear in the registration window in the top corner of the article or in the bottom corner. Basically, the design assumes users will visit different pages and to maximize the chance that potential registered users will see a subscription form, so you can set the registration form at any time. Any position.

– Attach free content: attaching content or something of value or free to an email signup form is also a way to create and attract the interest of readers, such as e-books, videos, etc.

– Add handy links: Users can register the Email List in locations other than the landing page if you share the registration link in different locations. Also depending on the email software you may add an email registration landing page to facilitate email collection.

Introduce your Email List in the registration form

Suppose if it were you, would you like to subscribe to the Email List which has more than 80,000 registered people? The answer is definitely yes, and that is why many websites offer their email lists on the registration form.

Create email content that attracts attention

As mentioned above, to attract and persuade users to register their email address requires the content that you build to be very useful and worth seeing.

3. Developing Email List

There are many ways to grow an email list. Here will share with you some ways to collect and develop your Email List or Mailing List:

– Reply to each mention on Twitter to start a conversation with people who have shared your content. This is also a way to introduce and convince users to subscribe to your Email List.

– Encourage registered users to share and forward your email to other users by adding social sharing buttons and sending buttons to friends in Email Marketing. At the end of each email don’t forget to add the “subscribe” CTA as a simple text-based link, so that forwarded email recipients can easily sign up.
The article above has just introduced you to the Mailing List in Email Marketing? In the Email Marketing lessons by will introduce you further HTML email What is it.



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