What is unemployment insurance? method of calculation, method of receiving and procedures for receiving subsidy money

To answer your questions, read about unemployment insurance? how to calculate, how to get, the procedure to receive unemployment benefits, taimienphi.vn just read the details of unemployment insurance, the calculation and procedures for you to receive unemployment benefits.

Social insurance Currently, when you are paid by a business or company, there are 4 types: social insurance (social insurance), occupational accident insurance – occupational disease (occupational accident – occupational disease), health insurance (health insurance) and unemployment insurance (UI). Thus, UI is one of the compulsory social insurance types when employees sign labor contracts with enterprises. By participating in unemployment insurance, it will help you to prevent in case of unemployment, the social insurance agency will only pay a certain amount to support unemployed people to find other jobs.

Calculation and procedures for receiving unemployment benefits

What is Unemployment Insurance?

Unemployment insurance is a measure to support employees who participate in social insurance in unemployment status, in order to provide temporary benefits to employees while they are still unable to find new jobs, in addition to the benefits of unemployment insurance. support for vocational training during the time of unemployment allowance.

Unemployment Insurance Payment Rates 2019

How good is a job contract?

As a rule, the unemployment insurance premium in 2019 is 1% for both businesses and employees. Therefore, the total amount that the employee will have to pay if participating in social insurance covers 10.5% of the minimum wage.

– In 10.5% of employees will have: 8% are social insurance, 1.5% of health insurance and 1% of unemployment insurance

– For businesses that will have to pay higher, including: 17% of social insurance, 0.5% of occupational accident-occupational disease, 3% of health insurance and 1% of unemployment insurance, the total will be 21.5%. In addition, if an enterprise joins a trade union, it will have to pay a union fee of 2%, and as a rule, the enterprise must pay socks, workers do not have to pay for union fees.

Conditions for Unemployment Insurance 2019

– Employees will be eligible for unemployment insurance, unemployment benefits if they have paid full 12 months or more within 24 months before quitting.
– Filed unemployment benefits at the Employment Service Center.
– And have not found a job after 15 days from the date of filing unemployment insurance.

How to calculate unemployment allowance 2019

How good it is

To calculate the unemployment insurance allowance, which is the amount of unemployment insurance you will receive, we will apply the following formula:

Unemployment benefit amount = The average salary of the last 6 months of payment of insurance premiums prior to the nearest unemployment x 60%.

Note: The salary to calculate here will be your minimum wage, excluding allowances or sales.

For example: You are paying social insurance with an average salary of 6 million VND in 6 consecutive months, so according to the above formula, you will receive 60% of this 10 million salary, meaning you will receive 6,000,000 VND.

Period Of Unemployment Insurance Benefit

– If you fully pay unemployment insurance for a period of 12 months to 36 months, you will be entitled to 3 consecutive months, you will have to declare once a month and will receive benefits through your ATM card.
– If the number of months you read insurance is greater than 12 months, then after the above criteria you will be added 1 more month but no more than 12 months.
– The time to receive unemployment insurance benefits is calculated from the 16th day from the date you apply.
– For employees receiving state salary, the maximum monthly unemployment insurance allowance must not exceed 5 times the basic salary.
– For employees who enjoy corporate wages, the monthly maximum unemployment insurance allowance must not exceed 5 times the regional minimum wage.

Documents about procedures for receiving unemployment insurance benefits

The employee must go directly to the district job introduction centers to be instructed on the procedures for receiving unemployment benefits. Records include:

– An application for unemployment allowance made according to a set form.
– The original or notarized copy of the expiry of the contract, severance or dismissal decision of the enterprise for the working person.
– Social insurance book.
– 2 3×4 photos to make an ATM card, and unemployment benefits will transfer money through the card.

Some illustrative examples

Example 1:

Hong Anh has a 2 year employment contract with Company A with the following salary:

– From September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2014: VND 2 million / month.
– From September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015 the salary is increased to VND 4 million / month.
– Then Hong Anh’s maternity leave from January 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015.
– But after that, due to circumstances, Hong Anh’s friend had to quit his job, and Company A issued a decision to leave Hong Anh’s friends effective from July 1, 2015.

=> Thus, when you Hong Anh profile unemployment insurance, the basis for calculating Hong Anh will be the average salary of the 6 consecutive months before leaving the job that you have participated in unemployment insurance (months 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12/2014).

=> Benefit level monthly unemployment benefit Your Hong Anh will be:
(2 million VND x 2 months + 4 million VND x 4 months) / 6 x 60% = 2 million VND / month.

Example 2:

On January 1, 2015, Mr. Nam signed a one-year labor contract with Company B with a salary of VND 70 million / month.

– Company B operates in region I, so the minimum regional wage will be applied as prescribed at VND 3,100,000 per month.

=> Therefore, the maximum monthly salary paid for unemployment insurance of Mr. Nam is: 20 times x VND 3,100,000 / month = VND 62,000,000 / month.

On September 27, 2015, Mr. Nam agreed and terminated the labor contract with Company B, and transferred to the contract with Enterprise C for a period of 3 months (from October 1 to December 31 / 2015) with a higher salary of VND 80 million / month. Enterprise C operating in Region IV has the region-based minimum wage of VND 2,150,000 / month, but Mr. Nam does not work at the head office but at the branch, and this branch operates. in region III, applied by region, the minimum wage is VND 2,400,000 / month.

=> Therefore, Mr. Nam participates in paying unemployment insurance at the social insurance organization where the branch works with the maximum salary: 20 times x VND 2,400,000 = 48,000,000 VND / month.

When the contract ends, when Mr. Nam resigns his job and submits to the unemployment allowance dossier, the calculation will be as follows:

– 60% of the average salary of the 6 preceding months before Mr. Nam resigns is:

(VND 62,000,000 x 3 months + VND 48,000,000 x 3 months) / 6 x 60% = VND 33 million.

– However, according to the regulations, the level of unemployment benefits must not exceed 5 times the regional minimum wage at the time Mr. Nam leaves his job. Therefore, Mr. Nam’s monthly allowance of unemployment benefits will be:
VND 2,400,000 x 5 times = VND 12 million / month

What are the answers on unemployment insurance? how to calculate, how to get, the procedure to receive unemployment benefits that you need to know to know the procedures for filing unemployment insurance documents with relevant agencies.

In addition, you can also look up to Check social insurance information to know how much time he or she participates in social insurance, as well as other personal information on his / her system of social insurance.


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