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What is WannaCry, how to prevent Wanna cry for computers


Wannacry virus has been raining and caused many damages to computer users, if you still do not know what WannaCry is, how to prevent Wanna cry for computers, please follow the article below and Find your own answer.

When Windows users are faced with many viruses and Ransomware, those who are using smartphones, especially the Android operating system, are now facing the risk of infection with CopyCat malware from unknown applications. Root, because by not downloading applications from Google Play, your device will easily be infected with CopyCat malware anytime, once infected with CopyCat malware, you will lose control of your phone and all data. will be stolen and spread.

The latest information that Taimienphi has received is that it appears a new malware called Petya Ransomware, which threatens the user’s data, to know what Petya Ransomware is and how to detect, how to vacate the room. , you read the article reference Petya Ransomware here.

These days, not only online media has reported, but even on television has warned computer users about a type of malicious code Ransomware with the names Wanna Crypt (aka WannaCry or Wanna Cry). This type of spyware accesses the user’s computer then re-encrypts the infected person’s data. It will then require you to spend a certain amount if you want to retrieve these files.

Most recently CMC announced the release of tools with integrated features of artificial intelligence technology can prevent the data encryption implementation of any malicious code WannaCry, the tool is named by CMC CryptoShield, you can download it to try it out, hopefully it will be useful as advertised, of course, if you have a bit of technical knowledge, self-defense for your computers will be most guarantee, please see steps to take to WannaCry prevention right away.

ransomware wanna crypt is how to check wanna cry in computer

Currently, the alert level of Ransomware Wanna Crypt is very high and users should pay attention when using the Internet to avoid being infected by Wanna Crypt because it can penetrate even into your system. In the short term, you should check whether your computer is infected with WannaCry or not by checking WannaCry by 2 tools, BKAV CheckWanCry and VNIST Scanner.

Currently there are a few software available to remove Ransomware, but not for Wanna Crypt, so readers should be careful about unfamiliar links or offers for any software. Ransomware Wanna Crypt Removal and wait for information from to update.

When everyone is struggling with WannaCry then another type of malicious code is distributed worldwide called EternalRocks – this is a form of malware that experts consider to be much more dangerous than WannaCry many times, from now on, please use Measures to prevent EternalRocks right away. Content below, we will learn about the WannaCry virus.

What is Wanna Cry Ransomware?

To learn about Ransomware Wanna Crypt, let’s first talk about Ransomware

Ransomware Malware is a type of malware that encrypts multimedia files, documents, and other files on the destination computer and the user only has access to these files when accepting the “ransom” of the attacker. And for more details about Ransomware and its history if readers are interested, see the article about What is ransomware Taimienphi has introduced offline.

Wanna Crypt also known as Wanna Cry recently released but the spread is very dangerous, there have been 90 countries confirmed to be infected with this Wanna Crypt Ransomware and including Vietnam. Wanna Crypt is able to gain access to all computers on the same network through a vulnerability called Enternal Blue that users do not even need to click on any links or attachments. Just one computer in the infected system is all at risk of being infected.

In addition, Wanna Crypt only allows you a few hours to pay a ransom if you do not want to lose all your data. How to delete Wannacry now available but not thorough, so if you refer to the way to delete Wannacry from your computer, it can only be deleted only.

How to check WannaCry in the computer

In fact, it is not possible to check for Wanna Crypt in your computer, but you can check if your computer has the Enternal Blue vulnerability and patch this patch to avoid being infected with the Wanna Crypt Ransomware. BKAV recently released an app called Check WanCry that allows users to check for computers with Enternal Blue vulnerabilities, which readers can download. BKAV CheckWanCry here.

Step 1: After downloading Check WanCry to your computer, you just need to open it, select the folder for each drive and you can scan immediately.

ransomware wanna crypt is how to check wanna crypt in computer 2

Step 2: Click drive options to conduct testing Wanna Crypt on the computer with the Enternal Blue error.

Wanna Cry is a test method for Wanna Cry in computers 3

Step 3: Press To scan for the software system to start scanning.

ransomware wanna crypt is a test for Wanna Cry in PC 4

Step 4: If it says “No malware detected on computer “which means your computer is secure, and it has been updated with the Enternal blue patch version.

ransomware wanna crypt is how to check wanna crypt in computer 5

Step 5: But if the kernel is notified as follows, do not worry and turn it off and then update for Windows.

ransomware wanna crypt is how to check wanna crypt in computer 6

Step 6: Microsoft is currently also releasing the above patches. Now open Start menu up then type “update “and access to Check for update to Windows Update.

ransomware wanna crypt is how to check wanna crypt in computer 7

Step 7: Next is to wait for the system to check and then automatically download and update your computer right away, this is a free update so anyone can upgrade it.

ransomware wanna crypt is a good way to test wanna crypt in computer 8

How to prevent Wanna Cry on computers

There have been many unfortunate cases, if you have done the previous WannaCry protection with the world’s leading antivirus software such as BKAV, KIS … your data is safe.

– The test only helps you detect Enternal Blue errors and use Windows Updates to patch.
– There is currently no way to remove Wanna Cry Ransomware, users should not click on any content related to Wanna Crypt Ransomware removal.
– Do not click on strange links, incoming Facebook links or any strange messages sent to.
– Do not download strange files, attachments in mail without identifying the source.
– Do not access the black web, poor security sites because it can expose you to infection
– Remove the Tor browser used on the system computer, no file downloads
– Backup important data to a USB device, portable hard drive to prevent unfortunate circumstances.
– Regularly update the latest patches, upgrades from Windows.
Hopefully, through the above article, you have learned more about Wans Crypt Ransomware as well as checking Wanna Crypt in your computer, from which to find precautions. This type of malicious code is extremely dangerous. You should choose and install the best antivirus software to better protect your computer, refer to the list of antivirus software that Taimienphi has compiled to have the best choice.



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