What is Weebly?

To build a professional website, the cost can be up to hundreds of millions, plus additional costs and time to complete will also take quite a bit, however by selecting and using the DIY website builder platform such as Weebly, you can create a professional small business website in less than 1 hour, to find out what Weebly is, read the reference of the following article of Taimienphi.vn.

Weebly is one of the leading website builder platforms today, with more than 40 million websites currently using the platform. This is one of the great solutions for small businesses looking to build their own website at an affordable price.

What is Weebly? Learn about Weebly

What is Weebly better understood? How to register and create a free website on Weebly, read the article below.

What is Weebly?

In short, Weebly is a website that allows users to create websites, but the platform does not require users to understand code or write code, instead it is replaced by an intuitive drag and drop interface. Weebly also includes a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

Weebly is actually the first site to integrate WYSIWYG. Weebly’s system allows users to add, edit and organize content, such as text, images, maps and videos on the web with just a few mouse clicks.

How to register and create a free website on Weebly

To register and create a free website on Weebly, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Register your website on Weebly

First visit Weebly.com, then click the button Sign Up or button Get Started on the website interface to register the Weebly account.

what are weebly 2

You will now be taken to the registration window. Here fill in your login information, email and password to get started, then click the button Sign up. The screen will display the question whether you want to sell online or not.

what are weebly 3

No need to worry as you can add online stores on your website anytime. If your purpose is blogging, you choose the option Not Now (not now).

Step 2: Choose a theme

The next step is to choose the theme (theme) you want to use. Weebly offers many themes, according to different topics and purposes for users. Which will have some useful themes for you.

Some important notes to remember when choosing a theme:

1. Unlike Wix, Weebly allows you to change the theme at any time if desired. After the change, all the information you have created will automatically be logged on the new theme. So you don’t need to worry too much about choosing a theme.

2. Weebly provide topics, themes by industry, items. As such, users can easily adjust the theme to suit the items and industries they trade in, and simply change the image, page title and text content accordingly.

3. Choose a theme that fits your site development goals and goals.

For example, if your goal is to attract customers, visit, use the theme below is also the ideal solution.

what are weebly 4

Or if you want your website to display a lot of information, you can select and use the theme as shown below, including the tabs in the top corner, visitors can navigate to different parts of the page. web to search for your business information.

what are weebly 5

Also you can preview any theme, any theme by clicking on the theme image. If you decide to choose a theme or theme, just click the button Start Editing on the top right corner of the Theme Preview page.

what are weebly 6

Step 3: Choose a domain name

The next step now is to choose a domain name for your website.

what are weebly 7

If you want to create a free website on Weebly, your only option is to use the Subdomain of Weebly.com. However, since it is free, your domain will not be the only domain.

To create a unique domain name, you will have 3 options:

1. Get the domain name through Weebly: free the first year, from later years onwards users will have to pay 20 USD / month.

2. Buy a domain name through a 3rd party domain name provider 3. Users can choose to buy from a number of trusted domain name vendors like Namesilo.

3. Connect to the domain name you already own: If you already have a domain name, you can connect it to a website created on Weebly. Some domain name registrars allow their users to do this.

Note, if you use your own custom domain name, that is the only domain name, you will have to buy insurance for your website.

Step 4: Create a free website on Weebly

After choosing the domain name, the next step now is to proceed to create a website on Weebly for you. Here is an overview of the website creation tools on Weebly:

first. The bar element: The Element Bar is located in the left corner of the website builder, highlighted in the red box in the image below. These are the components and elements that you will use to create your website. To add elements and elements to your website, just select each element, then drag and drop to the position you want to place on the right page.

what are weebly 8

2. Site tab: Like most websites that allow website creation, Weebly also has navigation tabs (yellow boxes) at the top of the page. These tabs include “Build,” “Pages,” “Theme,” “Store,” “Apps,” and “Settings”. To change the components, the items on the website, just click the corresponding navigation tab to edit the settings.

3. Page preview: This section is highlighted in blue frame, showing the actual elements that will display on the website. The previews help you to easily visualize what your website interface looks like.

Add and edit pages

To add, delete or edit page settings, just click the Pages tab at the top of the Weebly website builder window. You will now be redirected to the new page.

Initially, there will be only some pages such as homepage, introduction, services and contact shown in the image below:

what are weebly 9

To add a new page, just click the icon + white is in the top left corner of the page, delineated in a red frame as shown below. If you want to edit or delete the current page, click the small folder icon next to the page title, highlighted in the blue box as shown below:

what are weebly 10

Additionally, you can change the order of the pages by dragging each page’s title up or down. There are some important notes to remember:

The first page is the default homepage: If you look closely you will see a small house icon next to the home directory (Home) icon to identify this as the home page, visitors will see this page first.

You can drag and drop pages to the right to create subpages: If you want to create a page that doesn’t show up in the main pages tab, the solution is to create subpages. To create a subpage, you create pages as usual, then arrange the pages below any related main page, then drag to the right. The subpages will be indented below the main pages. In this artwork, the introductory page is now a subpage of the homepage.

what are weebly 11

– The main pages in the tab are also navigation pages that visitors will see: In the screen shot below, the pages including the home page and contact are the main pages, and the introductory page is the sub page. So there will be only 2 main pages displayed on the navigation bar only. The subpages will show when visitors hover over.

what are weebly 12

The final point to note is that you can edit the settings on each page by clicking the small folder icon, such as hiding the page in the navigation bar, changing the overall layout of the page and editing. some advanced settings (page description, meta keywords, …).

what are weebly 13

Change or edit the text

To change or edit website text, just click the text box you want to edit. If you have not entered any text or data, the frame will be blank, when you click on the screen will display a popup window with the text settings as shown below. If you change the text you have entered, you need to delete it first before you add new text.

Editing the text inside the button is a bit more complicated. First click on that button, then on the screen will display a pop-up window, here you click to select the tab Button text.

what are weebly 14

At this point, a new window will appear, your task is to enter text here. After entering the text, just click the icon to close the window, the changes you make will be applied immediately.

what are weebly 15

Add or change images

Suppose if you want to change the background image of a website, you just need to click on any image and the screen will display the “Edit Background“or”Replace Header Layout“.

what are weebly 16

If select the option Edit Background, you will be redirected to a new window, where you can select the option Replace (replace) or Edit (edit) for current image. And if you select the Replace option, you will be redirected to the Image Editor window with options to upload photos from your computer or select other images available on Weebly.

what are weebly 17

If you select other images available on Weebly, a pop-up window containing images for your choice will be displayed on the screen as shown below. Or if you want to upload photos from your computer, click the button Upload Image, then select any image on your computer hard drive, or you can also drag and drop images from the desktop. Finally click Save button at the top right corner to save and apply new image.

what are weebly 18

If the image is not available on the page, or you want to add an image, simply drag and drop the “Image“on Weebly go to the website you created as shown below:

what are weebly 19

Click Image on it, now the screen will display the same window, with buttons Upload a photo from your computer green. Your task is to click the button and upload photos from your computer, then Weebly will automatically upload photos. Click here Save button to save the changes.

what are weebly 20

Step 5: Additional elements and options

Weebly also provides users with many different elements and options, such as:

– Options to change themes and themes.

– Add a map on the page.

– Add contact.

– Add multimedia files such as videos, music files, ….

– Add social media icons and links, ….

If you are having trouble finding these options, Weebly provides instructions for the options you can find on the help center.

Step 6: Publish your website

After completing the initial setup and editing, the final step is to publish your website. Remember that you can change your settings and settings at any time by visiting the Weebly website creation tool.

To publish a website, just click PUBLISH button orange is in the top right corner of the editor. In addition you will also have different domain options. If you don’t want to upgrade, just select the “Use a sub-domain of Weebly.com“.

Finally enter the verification code to verify you are the website owner, then click the button “Ok, Publish my Site!” to publish your website.

what are weebly 21

Step 7: Select the package to upgrade

A professional website does not use free packages, because their domain name is not the only domain name. If you want to use more functions or simply add your online store, you’ll have to pay to buy insurance.

Here is a detailed list of Weebly packages with additional features added in each package:

– Free package: Unlimited pages, hosting, Weebly subdomain, Weebly ads, 500MB storage limit, email support and online chat.

– Starter pack (8 USD / month): Free 1 year domain name, hosting, no advertising Weebly, unlimited storage, allowing to sell up to 10 products (3% transaction fee), email support and chat online

– Pro package (US $ 12 / month): Starter Plan + is supported by phone, HD Audio and video player support, in-depth website reporting, allows to sell up to 25 e-commerce products (delivery fee) 3% translation), site search, with a maximum of 100 members.

– Business package (USD 25 / month): Unlimited membership, SSL security, unlimited e-commerce products, no transaction fees, integrated shopping cart on your domain, no ads, no freight transfer and tax, promotional coupon code.

The article above Taimienphi.vn has just introduced to you What is Weebly? How to create a free website on Weebly. Hopefully after this article, you can create your own business website or a blog. In addition, there are many other software to support website design on windows that you can learn to create your own website, these web design software all meet the features. Good luck.


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