What is wild snail? The 2022 real estate term spreadsheet to make the most standard house

From his father’s point of view, before planning to start building and repairing a house, besides looking at the age to avoid the limitations of the three ears and the long needle, the homeowner also needs to pay attention to the age of the building. So what is wild snail? How to calculate the wild term and how to solve it? The following article will give you a detailed answer.

Building a house is considered one of the great things in life. Therefore, before building a house, in addition to preparing finance, materials, looking for workers, …, people are also very careful in considering the age of building a house, seeing the good date and time to break ground for construction. Seeing the age of building a house not only brings luck and fortune to the owner, but also helps them avoid the great cavalry of the desert, leading to separation, family quarrels or health problems later.

So What is wild snail?? What does the five-year-old snail mean? Why is the wilderness important when building a house? Here is the detailed answer for you.

What does wild snail mean? Real estate age spreadsheet 2022

1. What is wild snail?

To understand the meaning of the word wild snail, we need to separate the meaning of the word wild and the word snail. In simple terms, wild means wilderness, secluded, snail means home. So derelict means an abandoned house.

By convention, the desert is divided into 6 small signs, including 3 good signs and 3 bad signs. If the age to build a house falls in the first sand, second doubt, four tons of talent, it will be very good. On the contrary, if the age of the owner commits a crime, falls in the three earthly signs, the five Tho Tu, and the Luc Hoang snails will be very bad, affecting health, career as well as relationships between family members. family.

The details of the meanings of the wild palaces are as follows:

Young Bang Hoang Oc

What is the first and second doubt? The table details show the good/bad signs of the wild age and its meaning

2. The hand calculates the Wild

The ancients relied on the wild hand to calculate the age of the golden snail. That is, it will be based on the good and bad house signs on the hand to calculate the age to make a good house, bring a lot of luck, good energy and avoid bad signs.

The conventional feng shui age of wildness starts from 10 years old to 60 years old. After 1 round of 6 arcs, go back to the old loop. As follows:

– 10 years old: Nhat Cat
– 20 years old: Nhi Nghi
– 30 years old: Tam Di Sha
– 40 years old: Tu Tan Tai
– 50 years old: Ngu Tho Tu
– 60: Luc Hoang Oc

Hoang oc

The image of a wild hand, the principle of good / bad calculation of the old people

However, the homeowner’s age is not always calculated on an even number with the 10-year rotation as above. For homeowners with odd years of age, the calculation of the real estate term starts from the even number of years and continues to calculate the odd age according to the circle above.


– If the homeowner is 36 years old, the starting point for calculating the term of the wild house is 30 years old, corresponding to the Three Lands of the Dead. The wild palace for the age of 31 will be four tons of talent, 32 is Ngu Tho Tu, …, at the age of 36, it is Tam Di Sat. This is the age of bad luck, making a house will easily cause health problems, not good.

– If the homeowner is 53 years old, then the age of the wild house will start from 50 years old: Ngu Tho Tu. Continue the Hoang Oc cycle until you turn 53 years old, ie 51: Luc Hoang Oc; 52: Nhat Cat, 53: Nhi Nghi. Therefore, if the 53-year-old owner builds a house, it will be very good, bringing wealth and prosperity.

Based on the above calculation of deserted buildings, we can sum up the ages of bad houses, should not break ground to build or repair houses as: twelfth; 14; 15; 18; 21; 23; 24; 27; 29; 30; 32; 33; 36; 38; 39; 41; 42; 45; 47; 48; 50; 51; 54; 56; 57; 60; 63; 65; 66; 69; 72; 74; 75.

In 2022, are some old enough to build a house and some not? To know if your age is suitable to build a house in the year of the Tiger, you can refer to the wild house spreadsheet, see the age to build a house in 2022 ours.

3. Should Pham Hoang snail build a house or not? How to neutralize wild snails.

As shared above, if the homeowner’s house-building age falls in the good palaces (Nhat Cat, Nhi Nghi and Tu Ton Tai), then it is possible to build a normal house. However, if you fall into the bad palaces (Tam Dia Sat, Ngu Tho Tu, Luc Hoang Oc), you should abstain from building a house. If you build a house in a bad palace, everything in the family religion will not go well, business will decline, family quarrels, quarrels, poor health, spoiled children, etc.

However, if there is a force majeure reason, and you have to build a house at this time, you can still neutralize your deserted house. Some of the solutions you can choose from include:

– Have someone else make the house in your name: From a spiritual point of view, if you’re old enough to build a house, you can build a house in a house with a beautiful age, you can borrow someone with a beautiful age in the year to build a house in your name during the groundbreaking ceremony, roof construction, entrance ceremony, etc. When the construction is completed, wait until the year is beautiful, prosperous, and without offense, you will have a ceremony to buy and sell a negative house to transfer the ownership of the house back to you.

– If the owner does not want to borrow the age to build a house, the owner can use the age of the eldest son or the eldest female in the house to build a house.

Above is some basic information about What is Hoang Oc? How to calculate Hoang Oc house accurately and related issues. We invite you to consult, calculate and choose the year of the year to make the most beautiful house, bringing many blessings to yourself and your family.

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