What is Windows Insider?

In articles about programs, applications, trial versions of the new Windows operating system, Taimienphi.vn often mentioned the Windows Insider program. So to find out what Windows Insider is, read the reference below article of Tamienphi.vn.

You’ve probably heard of phrases like Windows Insider users or Windows Insider programs but don’t know exactly what this phrase means. In this article, Taimienphi.vn will explain to you what is Windows Insider, what are the benefits and limitations of joining Windows Insider?

What is Windows Insider?

Microsoft’s Windows Insider program allows users to register and pre-experience the latest versions of its Windows operating system, before these versions are made publicly available to all users.

Those who can sign up for the Windows Insider program include developers, or users, who love and want to experience new features and software soon. However, in addition to the early experience of software and features, Microsoft also encourages users to join Windows Insider to send feedback and comments about their experience through specialized applications to the Windows development team.

In short, Windows Insider is a program for testing large beta versions, including 3 rounds: Fast ring, Slow ring and Release Preview.

Microsoft will release non-official versions, or Windows 10 builds, for Insider users on the Fast ring and wait for them to send feedback about the features they love and don’t, or issues. , the error the user encountered. After everything is fixed and more stable, Microsoft will bring up the Slow ring, and finally released on the Release Preview.

Benefits of joining Windows Insider

Get to experience new features soonest

The biggest benefit of joining the Windows Insider program is to experience new features on Windows 10 at the earliest, meaning that you can experience new features before Microsoft releases them to the public.

Of course, Microsoft can also remove some features on the final release, after consulting developers and Insider users, so you will not miss any new features. You can join Windows Insider.

Microsoft comments

As Taimienphi.vn mentioned above, in addition to providing Windows Insider users with new features, Microsoft’s goal is to receive and select comments, contributions from users and Improve product quality better. If your feedback is well received by Microsoft, it can deploy your ideas on the new Windows operating system.

What is windows insider 2?

Member of the community of over 10 million people

The ultimate benefit of joining Windows Insider is to become a member of the community of over 10 million people. This community is made up of members from many different countries and backgrounds, but with the same interests and the same idea of ​​joining early testing of new features. Obviously this is an opportunity for you to establish new relationships.

Limited access to Windows Insider

Besides some visible benefits of joining Windows Insider, there are also some other limitations including:

Error may occur

Because Windows Insider is a beta testing program, not a final stable version, the error is a certainty. Some errors can affect both the system and the device, which also means that your computer is less stable, prone to errors, or even more damaged. So you can Use Windows 10 Insider with a virtual machine so as not to affect your main computer system.

what is windows insider 3

Bandwidth consumption

Once a week, Microsoft will release builds for Windows Insider users, meaning users will have to regularly download and install the latest builds for testing. The size of these builds varies from 1GB to 3GB, so if you’re using an Internet connection with limited bandwidth, downloading the builds will consume bandwidth and data very quickly.

Of course users can also wait until Microsoft brings these builds to the Insider Slow ring, but must accept to miss some new features only on the Fast ring.

Send a lot of information remotely

Joining the Windows Insider program also means that your computer will have to send more remote information or device information to Microsoft to send feedback, reviews. All are anonymous by default, so you won’t know which information Microsoft has collected.

Above Taimienphi.vn has just introduced you to what is Windows Insider program, as well as some benefits and limitations of participating in the program. If you are participating and want to stop this program, you can find out by following the instructions Uninstall the Windows Insider Program Please. Hopefully after this article, readers will understand more about what is the program for testing Windows 10 by Microsoft.


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