What makes Astra Linux stand out?

The Russian military is getting closer to replacing Windows operating systems on military computers with a Debian-based Linux distribution called Astra Linux. To find out what Astra Linux has featured, read along to the following article of Taimienphi.vn.

Network security issues are increasingly associated with national security and interests. Therefore, national governments are trying to develop their own technology platforms to avoid espionage and sabotage. Specifically, the Russian government is about to replace the Windows operating system on military computers with the operating system developed by the Russian company named Astra Linux.

What is Astra Linux? What stands out?

Astra Linux is a Debian based distribution developed by a Russian company called RusBITech about 10 years ago.

According to Wikipedia, Astra Linux is a Debian-based computer operating system, developed to service the Russian military, the armed forces and other intelligence agencies. The certified operating system provides “top secret” data protection of the Russian government.

Initially, the Astra Linux distribution was developed for Russian private companies and then expanded and used by Russian government agencies.

Recently the Russian Federal Export and Technical Control Agency (FSTEC) has granted Astra Linux a particularly important security certificate, meaning the operating system can be used to process information at a secure level. The highest secret of the Russian government.

Certification was granted to Astra Linux Special Edition v1.6 (also known as Smolensk).

Using the Astra Linux distribution in government agencies reduces the security verification costs used by the Russian armed forces. Moreover, the Russian government has been concerned that Microsoft’s closed source approach may hide “backdoors” in Windows to help US intelligence spy on its activities.

Notice of the switch to use Astra Linux operating system was announced by the Russian Defense Ministry in January last year.

There is also information that the Chinese government is also planning to develop a separate operating system to replace Windows, especially after Huawei’s 5G network is banned in the US.

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