What to do when you cannot remove a disc from the CD / DVD Rom drive

What to do when you cannot remove a disc from the CD / DVD Rom drive

Insert the CD / DVD into the drive tray, you are done and want to remove it from the computer. But you try forever but can not get it off the drive. Do not worry, in this article, Taimienphi will guide you to handle the error of failing to remove the disc from the CD / DVD ROM drive.

The error of not getting the disc out of a CD / DVD drive is quite common if you often work, enjoy music with a CD / DVD. When making this error, users are often quite confused in solving the problem.

Instruction on how to remove the disc from the CD / DVD Rom drive

Step 1: Check if your drive is stuck or damaged, if any, try to fix it and open the way for the CD / DVD out of the tray.

Step 2: If it still does not work, open it Computer Right-click on the drive and select Eject

Step 3: You proceed to get a small toothpick observing the side of the CD / DVD drive with a small hole for you to use a small toothpick that fits and shake the toothpick CD / DVD drive will open itself for you to take the disc .

We have just performed with you the steps to handle when the disc cannot be removed from the CD / DVD Rom drive. This way you can safely and soundly remove CDs / DVDs from your hard drive, without affecting the hardware of the machine. In addition, if suddenly your computer does not recognize the CD / DVD drive, you can refer to the article Fix Windows XP not recognizing CD / DVD drive, or if using Windows 7: Fix CD / DVD drive failure action on Windows 7.


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