What would you do when the computer refused to boot?

What would you do when the computer refused to boot?

If the computer and laptop won’t boot then what will you do? Most users will immediately bring it to the repair shop and leave it to the technician. But my friend, there are many basic errors that prevent you from starting your computer and can be repaired on your own. Those are the errors that we will share with you in this article.

Error 1: No keyboard found

When removing the device to clean or repair, if the user does not plug in the keyboard, the computer will appear with the error message “Keyboard not found” (as shown below). This error usually occurs with desktop computers that use the old PS / 2 ports and main ports.

How to fix: Unplug the keyboard and plug it firmly into the main, if you still see an error that the mouse cannot be found, you need to check the keyboard connector with the main cable to see if it is warping. If yes, use a small steel bar (you can also pull scissors) to straighten it. You need to be very gentle otherwise easy to break the plug.

Error 2: Out of CMOS battery

When booting Windows, you receive the message “CMOS checksum error” and the system requires Press F1 to continue (on Windows), or F2 / Delete to reset the time in the BIOS. Even if you adjust the time, it will not fix. In this case, it is very likely that the CMOS battery is dead.

  No computer can be started

How to fix: You only need to replace the CMOS battery to make your computer work normally. The price of a CMOS battery is not expensive, it only ranges from 7 to 15 thousand VND depending on the type

Error 3: The hard drive is bad sectors

When the hard drive is used for a while, it is easy to get bad sectors. If it is light, Windows can still run but it is very slow and often displays the error “Windows detected a hard disk problem”. If heavier, the device will be frozen as soon as the machine boots.

the computer is not frozen

How to fix: To fix bad sector errors, you should not use Windows-based software, but use HDD Regenerator software on Hirent’s Boot disk to scan and fix errors.

Error 4: Liquid RAM

Without RAM, the CPU would not be able to run. If the ram is loosened on the desktop, you may hear beeps in succession, but with a laptop there is often a flashing keyboard light.

What to do when the computer can not be stopped, can not be connected to the computer, the computer cannot be restarted

Overcome: You only need to remove the RAM from the slot, then wipe the RAM with a cloth or soft paper to clean the RAM before you plug it in again.

Above Taimienphi.vn answered to help you wonder what to do when you can not boot the computer? If all the above methods do not apply, we recommend that you have the device serviced or repaired. Also refer to the fix Computer error does not recognize USB to equip myself with more knowledge.


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