What's new in AutoCAD 2018? Where to download?

What’s new in AutoCAD 2018? Where to download?

AutoCAD has introduced a new version of 2018 with significant improvements in both the interface and design for users to improve the software and support users to manipulate technical drawings more easily. . Taimienphi will introduce to you the new features in AutoCAD 2018

AutoCAD Specialized software supports drawing with 2D vectors or 3D surfaces. With the support of AutoCAD, the technical construction will be much simpler because through the previous versions, the construction tools on AutoCAD are richer and better supported for users. For that reason, AutoCAD is engineering drawing software The most popular in the world.

Version 2018 launched not long ago, added many new features and a modified interface to make it most convenient for users. Taimienphi will guide you how to download AutoCAD 2018 and introduce new points on the improved software.

Right now, you can download and install AutoCAD 2018 here: Download AutoCAD

Improvements on AutoCAD 2018

The interface changes

In general, the interface does not change much compared to AutoCAD 2017 on the functions or the arrangement of the tools on the software. The change in AutoCAD is the overall color as well as the addition of the Quick Access bar.

Quick Access Toobar allows users to manage detailed toolbars on the software as well as quickly access some key features.

AutoCAD 2018 has something new here

In addition, AutoCAD 2018 also allows users to change the size of the notification window and manipulate.

AutoCAD 2018 has something new here

Support working with PDF format

AutoCAD 2018 has something new here 4

Today, with the growing popularity of the PDF format, AutoCAD also does not ignore that trend when integrating capabilities. import the PDF file into the new version of the software. PDF files containing drawings will be imported directly into AutoCAD and processed. In addition you can also use the tool SHX to convert PDF geometries to text and Mtext objects. Tools Text to Mtext will support combining single-line text objects into a multi-line object.

The smart file selection dialog

AutoCAD 2018 has something new here. 5

When you open the file selection dialog, for a folder containing many CAD files, you will need to rearrange to make it easier to find next time. The file opening dialog box on AutoCAD 2018 will remember that sort order and display it again in the same state the next time you open AutoCAD completely.

Share design screen

AutoCAD 2018 has something new at the beginning

During the process of drawing drawings, you can quickly share your design screen for others to refer to without having to transfer the heavy project file. The Share DesignView tool quickly grabs the status of your design screen, uploads and shares with the people you want through the image format that retains the quality of the design drawings.

Support high resolution screen

In the present time, as the technology develops, you will own high-end devices that support high resolutions up to FullHD, 2K, 4K, … For that reason, AutoCAD 2018 adds support features. High resolution screens up to 4K. From here your design drawings will be displayed more clearly and in more detail that meets the development of hardware.

Mobile AutoCAD application

Autocad 2018 has everything new at 7

AutoCAD application has a mobile version that allows users to directly view and edit drawings right on their mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. Touch, edit, draw on AutoCAD on mobile has been optimized and you will feel like manipulating right on your PC devices. However, you should also pay attention to configuration issues. You should use well-configured devices to have the best experience with this software.

You can download the AutoCAD mobile version

– For Android phones: Download AutoCAD 360 for Android

– For iOS devices: Download AutoCAD 360 for iPhone

In addition to the changes to optimize the work as well as manipulate for software users, AutoCAD 2018 still remains almost completely compared to the old version of 2017 including shortcuts, commands … For those familiar with the AutoCAD command, it can still be used as usual. Please give your opinions on upgrading AutoCAD to 2018 version.

Have you ever converted an autocad file to a pdf, this way you can share your design with many different viewers because the PDF format can be opened on any computer today? The conversion of autocad files into pdf is also done in many different ways, you can extract right in the interface of AutoCAD software.


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