What’s new in HTKK 4.9.1? Download link and how to update

What’s new in HTKK4.9.1 version? Recently, the General Department of Taxation has upgraded the Declaration Support application with version HTKK 4.9.1 to replace the previous version with more advanced features to meet the needs of today’s users.

According to Circular No. 80/2021/TT-BTC, Circular 133 BTC, Decree 126/2020/ND-CP…, HTKK 4.9.1 – the latest version of HTKK 2022 has been developed and developed by the General Department of Taxation. onion. This Declaration Support application updates the arising contents of the previous HTKK 4.9.0. If you don’t know what’s new in HTKK 4.9.1, please refer to the following

Download HTKK 4.9.1, update the latest HTKK

1. HTKK 4.9.1 What’s new?

Compared with HTKK 4.9.0 General Department of Taxation, HTKK 4.9.1 has many new points. As follows:

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2. How to update the latest HTKK 4.9.1

According to information, tax records related to the upgrade mentioned above, everyone is required to use HTKK version 4.9.1 starting from August 4, 2022. You can download or update the appropriate HTKK support software depending on the case:

* Case 1: If you do not have HTKK installed, you can download and install the new version here: Download HTKK 4.9.1
* Case 2: If you already have a version of HTKK, you need to update it.

If you are using the old version, you just need to update to the latest version of HTKK according to the following instructions:

Refer to details: How to update HTKK

Quick guide to update HTKK 4.9.1:
Step 1: Open the software of the previous HTKK version.
Step 2: Please proceed to login your account.
– Step 3: When accessing in, the application will send you an update notification. You just need to click “Yes”.
Step 4: Immediately after the version is updated successfully, if you want to see the new version, click “Yes”. Otherwise, please press “No”.

So, you already know what’s new in HTKK 4.9.1. If you are working as an accountant, don’t forget to download the latest HTKK to work efficiently and easily.

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