What’s special about Nexterra Free Fire map?

What is so special about the Nexterra Free Fire map is a question that many gamers are especially interested in, Garena has officially confirmed the appearance of this map on the occasion of the upcoming Free Fire 5th Birthday event, a place New titles for gamers to explore and fight in the coming days.

At the update Free Fire 5 years old birthday Full of exciting events and exclusive rewards, users are still eagerly waiting for the arrival of Nexterra Free Fire map on August 20, 2022. It’s been a while since Garena added a new map to their BR game.

NexTerra is the latest map of Free Fire at version OB35

New NexTerra map details in Garena Free Fire

The new Nexterra map in Garena Free Fire will give players more locations to explore and fight, like all other maps, Nexterra improves many elements to enhance and diversify the battle experience. Duel, gamers can find the area No gravitation at the Nexterra Free Fire map, where they can high jump, shoot each other in the air and more.

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More specifically, at the Nexterra Free Fire map, players have the right to move through Magic Portals (magic portals), allowing them to move quickly from one location to another on the map, each specific location on the map connected by Magic Portals.

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In addition to the new Nexterra map in Free Fire, the 5th Birthday Party also brings new game modes, intense Santiago-themed battles, and some exclusive free items that players will love to own. .

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What’s special about Nexterra Free Fire map?

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