Which shortcut to use background app on Android is good?

In your opinion, the best app that runs in the background on Android is the best one that meets all your needs but still needs to make your phone work smoothly. Let’s find a shortcut application running on Android in Taimienphi.vn right in this article.

Phone RAM is less that there are hundreds of applications in the machine, which do not want to delete that sometimes a month to move to 1 time. So must use An application that runs in the background on Android How to meet the intensity above? Try the top 5 best Android-based shortcut apps based on user reviews to find out which is the best option for you.

Top best off app running in the background on Android

1. CCleaner

Use it to run Android apps without any problems 2

>> Download CCleaner for Android about here.

Referring to the applications that run underground on Android without mentioning CCleaner first, indeed that list is not the most standard because this is the most powerful tool not only on computers but also on phones. You yourself can feel this by the terrible downloads of this software.

Actually, the previous versions of CCleaner did not have the ability to turn off the application running in the background, but the latest version now adds this function to make CCleaner even more perfect.

Main features of CCleaner:

– Immediately stop running tasks with Task Killer.
– Mass app stop feature will stop apps from running in the background until you manually open them again.
– Check which applications consume a lot of data.
– Clean the computer system effectively
– Uninstall the application
– Clean the Registry
– Clean the browser and speed up Internet access
– Increase the performance of the computer
– Intuitive interface and easy to use

2. Power Clean

Use it to run Android apps without any problems 3

– Download Power Clean for Android here.

One of the applications that runs in the background on Android right now is not inferior to CCleaner, but has an optimal interface, easy to use and beautiful that is Power Clean. Power Clean, a professional Cleaning & Optimizing application for Android, is the first choice for phones with very little RAM. Using leading-edge sweeping techniques along with many additional technologies to remove junk very strongly, accelerate power quickly and cool the CPU maximum. Not only that, Clean Power also completely eliminates the abuse of the current Notification bar.

Key features of Power Cleam:

– Eliminate full memory, delete junk or cache in the machine.
– Analyze battery usage and force stop applications that are draining the battery to save power, speed up the device with just one touch.
– Stop overheating applications to reduce CPU temperature.
– Block spam notifications and gather them together to maintain a clear notification area.
– Tool to speed up phone memory.
– Lock applications that need to be secured.
– Manage the applications used in the phone.
– Find and remove duplicate photos

3. Avast Cleanup

Use the app to run Android on Android 4

– Download Avast Cleanup for Android here.

Avast Cleanup is an application that runs in the background on Android, cleaning up free space in the phone. Avast Cleanup removes leftover files and removes unused applications with a single tap for a faster, more powerful phone.Avast Cleanup optimizes performance and speeds up your phone by Clean junk on mobile.

Key features of Avast Cleanup:

– Clean up leftover files
– Clean cache, media and other files
– Block applications running in the background until decided to reopen.
– Avast Cleanup quickly analyzes the phone’s memory capacity and deletes all unnecessary data.
– Smart Safe Cleaner feature helps to quickly clean up unnecessary data.
– Uninstall applications with a tap to free up space, speed up and stop the delay on Android devices.

4. Advanced Task Manager

Use it to run Android apps without any problems 5

– Download Advanced Task Manager for the computer here.

– Download Advanced Task Manager APK here.

Advanced Task Manager is an application that runs in the background on Android as well as Windows, Advanced Task Manager helps you to statistics and display the most detailed applications running on your computer. Display information such as program name, application, program memory usage … In addition, the software also displays details of programs running in the background that cannot be started by the user.

Key features of Advanced Task Manager:

– Manage all activities of applications on the computer system effectively.
– Protect the system by alerting when applications infected with viruses of spyware, malware, trojans … operate.
– Works separately and does not affect other applications in the system.
– Simple interface and easy to use with everyone who uses it.
– Compatibility tool works on all operating systems of the system.

5. Greenify

Use it to run Android apps without any problems 6

– Download Greenify for Android here.

Greenify in the past is said to be one of the best Android-based shortcut apps for low RAM devices as well as reducing the battery consumption of applications running in the background. With Greenify, users do not need to worry too much because the operation mechanism of Greenify will close all unnecessary applications, rarely used and allow you to reactivate when you want.

Above is the top of the applications that run underground on Android Taimienphi.vn would recommend to you to have a smooth phone. Android is a great operating system, but we still have to speed up Android because there are still a lot of limitations, Android acceleration solutions are only temporary and hopefully later versions Google will improve this operating system. more optimal.

Users should also pay attention to current Android accelerator apps that are only available for low-end phones. High-end phones are fully optimized and should not be used Android acceleration application on these devices.


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