Who is he season 2 episode 6

Surely in episode 6 Who is that person this week and you will be really surprised when the heroine is Karen Nguyen, the screen rival of Huong Giang. A beautiful young girl with a lot of talent and popularity, whether in episode 6 Huong Giang will have to help her “rival” girl to find a boyfriend on TV. Let’s see who that person is. Episode 6 will be broadcast at 6pm on May 24, 2019.

Who is he? Episode 5 with a beautiful ending for singer Van Anh and Nham Phuong Nam. In this episode 6, we will meet the beautiful girl Karen Nguyen and the strong love story. Whether she and the advisory board will find the extreme product of the program or not. Please follow along.

See who he is, season 2, episode 6

See who he is, season 2, episode 6

See who he is, season 2, episode 5

On the weekends, there are many entertainment programs you can follow and meet the relaxing needs of family members. You can watch Lightning fast to see the fun quizzes and challenges that the program offers very useful to help us have more knowledge of social life. Now you can watch it as fast as lightning season 2 episode 8. Or a new reality show called Run and wait with famous cast members to attend, funny, impressive, bold culture and Vietnamese style. Don’t miss it, stay tuned. Run and wait for episode 6 here.


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