Why can't fix the time on the computer?

Why can’t fix the time on the computer?

In many cases, the computer clock may display incorrect hours continuously, even if you correct the computer time by manual setting. To fix this problem, you need to know the exact reason and effective methods of fixing errors.

The wrong display of the clock can lead to serious consequences, such as some sites will deny your access. In addition, if you regularly use a computer clock to check the time, the wrong clock can make you accidentally miss appointments.

Why can’t fix the time on the computer?

Table of Contents:
1. Find out why.
1.1. CMOS battery dead.
1.2. BIOS settings are wrong or corrupt.
1.3. Wrong time zone.
1.4. Viral infection.
2. Solutions to troubleshooting.
2.1. Synchronize PC clock.
2.2. Update the BIOS.
2.3. Replace your CMOS battery.
2.4. Scan your computer to remove viruses.

1. Why can’t I fix the time on the computer?

As with many computer problems, there is rarely one cause for a device to fail. Time on the computer may be incorrect for the following reasons:

1.1. CMOS battery dead

Time and date settings for all PCs stored on the CMOS chip are fixed to the device’s motherboard. These settings are part of the BIOS, which also defines the relationship between all peripherals connected to your computer.

The BIOS checks all system configurations, including the date and time before loading the Windows operating system. Small CMOS battery for BIOS installation still works when PC is off. This battery usually runs for 2 to 10 years before it needs replacing. If the CMOS battery fails, the time on the computer will stop the moment you turn off the PC.

1.2. BIOS settings are wrong or corrupt

Why can't you get time on your computer?

Even after replacing the CMOS battery, the watch may still show the wrong time, especially at startup. At this point, you need to check if the CMOS chip is getting power from the battery. It is possible that the battery is loose or similar. A quick fix is ​​to remove the battery and raise the battery up slightly. At the same time, press the positive battery down before replacing the battery, making sure it has a solid connection.

However, if that action doesn’t fix the problem then another cause might be a corrupted or obsolete BIOS. Try resetting the BIOS values, including the date and time settings. Or, if the computer is quite old and doesn’t automatically update, consider installing a newer, updated BIOS.

1.3. Wrong time zone

If your computer clock is set to the wrong time zone, you will find that even after fixing the time, the clock will still be wrong at the next startup. Depending on the time zone set, it may even take a few hours faster. Refer how to set the time on the computer here.

1.4. Viral infection

The last cause of time on your computer to be wrong may be due to a virus or a device infected with malware. Malware can be targeted right at the BIOS or at the Windows operating system itself.

2. The solution to fix the time wrong on the computer

2.1. Synchronize PC clock with default Microsoft Time Server

The best way to set automatic update time is to synchronize your PC clock with the server. This way, you don’t need to always fix errors every time you start your computer.

As a Windows PC, the first option you can consider is synchronizing with Microsoft Time Server. Steps of the synchronization process include:
+ Restart your computer at Safe mode (Safe Mode)
+ Click the time tab in the lower right corner of the screen
+ Click Change and time settings (Change and time settings) at the bottom of the popup
+ Click the folder Internet Time, you will see a small screen appear
+ Select server time.windows.com by using the down arrow. Click on it Update now
+ After clicking OK, got it, a confirmation screen will appear

However, the problem with this solution is that the Internet time will not be updated when the computer restarts (synchronization only occurs after a certain period of time). Therefore, this is not a suitable option if your computer time is wrong due to dead CMOS battery.

2.2. Update the BIOS

Sometimes an outdated or corrupted BIOS can be the reason why the time on your computer is running wrong. Failure of the BIOS may result from improper shutdown, such as unplugging the power directly without shutting down the PC first. Practicing the right shutdown routine is the first method to help overcome this problem.

However, in case your BIOS is outdated, the only option is to update it. Contact your PC manufacturer and find out if there is an updated version available. You can also find such information on their website.

Remember to reset or flash the PC BIOS so you can correct the time settings. However, this is an option with many risks. If you are not sure what to do, consult a qualified technician.

2.3. Replace your CMOS battery

If the CMOS battery dies, your PC clock will always be in the wrong time, and you must be constantly updating it. A more permanent solution is to replace the battery.

In the past, CMOS battery slots were often fitted to computer motherboards, and it was difficult to remove and replace new batteries. At this point, it’s best to take your device to a repair shop.

However, with more modern PCs, CMOS batteries are quite easy to replace (but still difficult for laptops). If self-changing, you need to turn off the computer properly and disconnect from the power source before removing.

2.4. Scan your computer for viruses and malware

If after trying all the above solutions, the time on your computer is still wrong, it is possible that the PC is infected with a virus. In case you have installed antivirus software, consider a software upgrade.

Besides, please start and install the software in Safe Mode. This way, all unnecessary programs, including malware and viruses, will not be able to launch. After that, you can scan and clean your PC properly without malware intervention.


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