Why can't I change my desktop wallpaper?

Why can’t I change my desktop wallpaper?

If you are unable to change your desktop wallpaper, it may be because the settings are disabled or there is another underlying cause. One of the easiest ways to fix this problem right away is to right click on the image and set it as wallpaper.

Sometimes conventional methods do not work. At this time, you find out the cause of the problem is not changing the wallpaper and how to solve it.

Why can’t I change my desktop wallpaper?

Table of Contents:
1. Error cannot change the wallpaper.
2. Causes.
3. How to overcome.

1. Error cannot change the wallpaper

There are several common scenarios when users cannot change wallpapers on their computers:
+ When you try to change the wallpaper by clicking Control Panel> Appearance and Personalization> Change desktop wallpaper, the checkboxes are not selected even if you have selected all and removed the inactive buttons as expected.
+ When you right-click on an image and then select Set as desktop background, you will receive the following error message: “This image cannot be set as wallpaper. Internal error occurred”.
+ You see a dark wallpaper even after changing the wallpaper
+ The slideshow feature for the desktop is not working correctly.

2. Cause cannot change computer wallpaper

Why can't you get the computer wallpaper?

This problem may occur for the following reasons:
+ There is a third party application like Samsung Display Manager installed
+ In the Control section, the option Delete background image is selected
+ Domain policy does not allow background changes
+ You may have a corrupted TranscodingWallapers.jpg file
+ You are using a version of Windows that does not support changing the background of a PC (such as Windows 7 Starter).

3. How to fix the error of not changing the computer screen

3.1. Upgrade to the version of Windows that supports changing the background image

If you are using Windows 7 Starter that does not support changing the wallpaper of your computer, you can install another version, then try again.

3.2. Broken transcodeWallapers.jpg

If the TranscodingWallapers.jpg file is corrupted, you will not be able to change the computer wallpaper. To resolve this issue, delete the TranscodingWallapers.jpg file. To delete a file, follow these steps:
+ Click Start, paste the following text into the search box, then press Enter
% USERPROFILE% AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Themes
+ Right-click on the file TranscodingWallapers.jpg, then select Rename
+ Change the file name to TranscodingWallapers.old, then press Yes when prompted
+ If slideshow.ini is listed, double-click this file. Slideshow.ini will open in Notepad. Select all text in slideshow.ini if ‚Äč‚Äčavailable, then click the button Delete on the keyboard
+ On the menu File, press Save to save
+ Close Notepad.
+ Close the Windows Explorer window, then browse to the image you intend to set as the background image
+ Try changing the wallpaper again.

3.3. Application is not compatible

Some applications that help manage display settings can cause compatibility issues with wallpaper settings, Aero glass display effects, and other Windows functions. To check, disable or uninstall any display management application available on your computer.

3.4. Check background settings in Power Options

One of the reasons you can’t change the wallpaper is because the Power Options settings in the Control Panel may have a background slide show. To check, follow these steps:
+ Enter Start, import Power Options in box Search (Search), and then press Power Options on the list
+ In the window Select a power plan, press Change plan settings beside
+ Click Change advanced power settings, then select Desktop background settings
+ Expand Slide show and make sure that option Plugged installed in mode Avaiable
+ Click OK, got it, then close the window Edit.

3.5. Check the Remove setting in Ease of Access

To check your wallpaper settings in Ease of Access, follow these steps:
+ Select Start>Control Panel>Ease of Access>Ease of Access Center
+ In Explore all settings, click Make the computer easier to see
+ Deselect Remove background images
+ Click OK, got it 2 times, then close the window Ease of Access Center

3.6. Check domain policy does not allow changing the wallpaper

If you join a domain, your administrator may have disabled the option to change the desktop wallpaper. To check your PC’s background policy, try the following:
+ Select Start, type Group Policy in box Search, then select Edit Group Policy in the list
+ Select User Configuration> Administrative Templates>Destop>Destop
+ Double click DesktopWallpaperSelect. Note that if the Policy is still enabled and set to a specific image, the user cannot change the wallpaper.
+ Select Not Configured to turn on the change wallpaper option.

If you are using Windows 10, you refer to how Change the computer wallpaper win 10 here.


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