Why doesn’t the freezer compartment have a light, the cooler does?

Refrigerators are familiar appliances in homes. Refrigerators usually have 2 compartments, the cooler is spacious and the light turns on automatically every time the user opens it, while the freezer compartment is narrow and has no light.

So, why don’t people put a light on the freezer to make it easier to find things like the cooler?

In fact, the fact that the freezer compartment of the refrigerator does not have a light is intentional by the manufacturers. Their reason is very simple is to balance the cost and profit in the design of the cabinet with the user’s habit of using the freezer.

Users rarely open the freezer, the frequency is sometimes only a few times a day, sometimes it doesn’t open all day. Meanwhile, the number of times to open the cooler to get things is a lot, maybe more than a dozen times a day to get food and drink… Even some people just open the refrigerator because they’re sad. just for fun.

Meanwhile, the cost of installing an automatic light in the freezer compartment will be as expensive as the automatic light in the refrigerator. This means that part of the production cost will double.

Therefore, the manufacturer has decided not to install the light in the freezer to minimize production costs and product costs.

However, you can still own a refrigerator with a lighted freezer. Freezer lights are available in high-end refrigerators and you can just spend more money than regular refrigerators.


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