Why is Linux security better than Windows and macOS?

Windows is the most popular operating system and the most complex platform. macOS is FreeBSD Unix-based operating system, supporting Apple Macintosh systems. And finally Linux, which includes many different distributions and Unix-related systems. The question is why is Linux security better than Windows and macOS?

Businesses invest a great deal of time, effort and money to keep their systems safe, using the best firewalls and firewalls. They spend a lot of time monitoring their networks, searching for doubts and threats.

But how many users think of the operating system being deployed on their computers? And security is also an important factor when choosing the operating system to use.

The problem is which operating system is safest for general deployment on the system? Not used as much as Windows or MacOS, but Linux is always rated for its high security, safety, avoiding a lot of different types of malicious code. So why is Linux security better than Windows and MacOS?

Consider the 3 most popular operating systems

One of the reasons businesses cannot assess the security of the operating system they deploy is that they have been using it for a long time.

In the past, all operating systems were safe, and terms like hacking, stealing data or installing malware were new. And once users choose to use one operating system, it is very difficult to choose alternative operating systems. Very few companies or organizations want to migrate to the new operating system, because it involves so many other factors.

Try looking at the 3 most popular operating systems for computers and see if their approach to security has changed significantly.

In the current technological age, threats to businesses will inevitably change. Attacks become far more complex, and increasingly common. From ransomware attacks, malware and virus infections on computers, but mostly targeted on Windows and Mac. Computers infected with malware affect performance quite a lot. In addition, today hackers can easily attack 100,000 computers using botnets.

Is the operating system really important?

The user deployment operating system will make a difference to the security issue, but it is not a solid security measure. Nowadays, attackers only pay attention to users, not your entire system.

A survey of hackers attending the DEFCON conference found that “84% use social engineering attacks as part of their attack strategy”.

Deploying a secure operating system is the first important step, followed by making sure the firewall is strong enough, and users need to be cautious because even the most secure networks can be attacked. And of course softwares, extensions, or other utilities, benign plugins can also become the culprit in supporting malware to attack the system.

And regardless of which platform you choose, the best way to ensure a secure system is a quick update of software updates and patches.

Do not use root and do not allow visitors to the old server on the network. Also choose strong, easy-to-remember passwords, combine different characters for your accounts, and you can save the generated passwords on support tools like 1Password for easier use.

The bottom line here is that every decision you make on the system affects security, even the operating system you’re using.

Windows is still a popular choice

Windows is dominating the technology market. According to NetMarketShare, an estimated 88% of computers on the Internet are running Windows.

If your computer is also among the 88% of computers on the Internet that are running Windows, you probably know that Microsoft is constantly improving the security of its operating system. Evidence is that Microsoft adds anti-virus software, improves firewalls, and implements the sandbox structure, where programs can’t access the operating system memory space or other applications.

Although Windows is a popular operating system, whether it is a safe operating system or not depends on many other factors.

why is it better than windows and macos 2?

According to Troy Wilkinson, CEO of Axiom Cyber ​​Solutions, explained: “Windows always includes security options. The main reason is the large number of Windows users, hackers target this operating system a lot. Best”.

The most common Windows OS attacks are Melissa, WannaCry, and the majority of other malware attacks also target Windows.

Mac OS X and security through obscurity

If Windows is the most popular operating system and also the target that hackers target the most, you can switch to the less popular but better security option is Mac OS X. Mac OS X applies “security”. security through obscurity, “securing exclusive rights to the operating systems, and thus making it the best solution against attacks.

Wilkinson shared that Mac OS X is more secure than Windows. Although Mac OS is considered a safe operating system, there are very few security holes, but in recent years we can see hackers are gradually turning to perform more attacks on this operating system. In other words, it is easier to understand that hackers also do not ignore the bait as Mac.

why is it better than windows and macos 3

Comparitech security researcher Lee Muson said macOS may be the first choice if you want to choose a more secure operating system. However, he also warned that this does not mean that the Mac has not been attacked.

Joe Solutions of Wolf Solutions said the security on Mac OS X is quite great, partly because this operating system is not as popular as Windows and it is not the most targeted target and partly because of Apple Has implemented security quite well.

Linux security is better than Windows and macOS

Most experts say Linux is the safest operating system, but it is worth mentioning that this operating system is rarely used on servers, businesses deploying Linux on their computers are almost very little. But there are lots of experts and users who appreciate that Linux server is better than Windows server so many, so much.

And if you choose Linux, you will still have to choose other Linux distributions. Using Linux is a little more complicated than Windows and macOS, but in return it is the safest operating system.

As Moore explained: “Linux is the safest operating system, but requires user experience.” So this operating system is not for all users.

Linux distributions prioritize security, including Parrot Linux, the Debian-based Linux distribution.

The most important difference between Linux and Windows and macOS is that Linux is an open source operating system. According to Igor Bidenko, CISO of Simplex Solutions: “Linux is the safest operating system, because it is an open source operating system. Anyone can dig into the operating system to make sure it is error-free and back. door “.

Wilkinson explained that “Linux and Unix-based operating systems have few security flaws exploited. Linux is modified, added and monitored by the user community, so there are very few vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities.” more threats “.

Or as Katherine Noyes explained: “Microsoft may tout the group of developers, but this group is unlikely to be comparable to Linux users developers around the world.”

Also the Linux user privilege model is better. Windows users are usually granted access by the Admin, that is, they have access to everything on the system. Linux, by contrast, limits “root”.

Noyes also noted that diversity in the Linux environment could be a better barrier to attacks than typical Windows. There are many different Linux distributions and users can distinguish these distributions by considering the security issues deployed on them.

Comparitech security researcher Lee Muson suggests users using Linux distributions such as Qubes, or Tails Linux, designed to run securely and anonymously from USB drives or similar external devices.

Thus, the article on Taimienphi.vn has just explained to you why Linux security is better than Windows and macOS. Most researchers and users consider Linux to be the safest operating system. Assuming that Mac and Windows users switch to Linux, there’s a good chance that Windows and Mac will be safe again.

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