Wifi extender and Powerline Adapter, which one is better?

Should you use a WiFi extension or Powerline Adapter (Powerline adapter) to increase the range of wifi transmitting from your home modem? If you do not know about these two devices, we may be confused about their features and effects, so, in the following article, Taimienphi will work with you to study more about Wifi extensions or Powerline Adapter

Both the Wifi extender and the Powerline Adapter have their own advantages and limitations, but are used for a common purpose of providing a more reliable Internet connection at greater distances. Readers also refer to the following article of Taimienphi.vn to find out between Wifi extender and Powerline Adapter, which one is better.

1. Compare Wifi extender and Powerline Adapter

Wifi extender and Powerline Adapter are two completely different technologies but are designed for a common purpose of providing a more reliable Internet connection at greater distances.

Basically a WiFi extender is similar to a small hub, which can be placed between the router (the router) and the PC to get the Wifi signal from the router and extend the signal at a longer distance.

Powerline Adapter requires 2 sockets to plug into the power supply in the house. This device can connect wirelessly or wired connection to your router and send signals through your home wiring, to send signals farther away and remove restrictions and obstacles such as Wall.

2. Wifi extender and Powerline Adapter, which one is better?

The problem that many users wonder is between the Wifi extender and the Powerline Adapter, which one is better, which one to choose and use? To answer this question, we will look at the performance of the two devices.

Install wifi and powerline adapter on any computer better than 2

First of all is the Wifi extender used to extend the Wifi signal. However, when the signal is transmitted to one location, it is then transmitted to another location. This can reduce the overall Internet connection speed as latency may occur. Moreover, household objects, walls, and furniture may interfere with the signal.

In contrast, the Powerline Adapter simply takes the Wifi signal from the router and delivers this signal directly to the PC. Compared with the Wifi signal extender, the Powerline Adapter does not cause lag and can eliminate obstructions from the signals.

The connection speed that users receive via Powerline Adapter depends on the quality of their home wiring. This also means that although the Powerline Adapter is the most ideal solution to extend the WiFi signal, it is not the right solution for all users.

Therefore, Taimienphi.vn recommends that you buy and use the Powerline Adapter first, but if you notice a slow connection speed, you can use the Wifi extender instead.

3. How to install Powerline Adapter

Because the Powerline Adapter transmits Wifi via a home wiring, some users are afraid of installing this device. Luckily, installing the Powerline Adapter is fairly easy.

Install wifi and powerline adapter on a PC better than 3

The installation process for the Powerline Adapter can be different, depending on the different device, generally all we need to do is plug the Powerline Adapter into two empty wall outlets, connect to the network and press. Pair button (pairing). Newer Powerline Adapter devices will automatically detect, making setup easier.

To join the current power line network, follow the steps below:

– Click Pair button (paired) on any adapter on the current network.

– Click Pair button on the new adapter.

Taimienphi.vn recommends buying a Powerline Adapter including an Ethernet cable. This allows you to connect the adapter directly to the router and PC, reducing latency and causing slow connections.

4. Is Powerline Adapter superior to Ethernet cable?

In case if the wiring in your house is not very satisfactory, the Powerline Adapter cannot provide a reliable connection like an Ethernet cable. The Powerline Adapter allows Wifi signals to be transmitted over a wire, but it does not have to be physically connected between the computer and the router like an Ethernet cable.

Install wifi and powerline adapter on a PC better than 4

Using a Wi-Fi connection is never 100% reliable, these connections can be slow due to interference from other wireless signals or from interfering furniture or walls. The Powerline Adapter reduces signal noise noticeably, but not entirely.

Like the Wifi router, the Powerline Adapter can reduce performance in case if the device overheats. On the other hand, Ethernet cable never happens.

In most cases, the Powerline Adapter may be close to or equal to the Ethernet connection speed under optimal conditions, but we may still face occasional latency issues. If you want to use a stable connection with less latency, the solution is to use an Ethernet cable.

The above article has just compared Taimienphi.vn, showing you the pros and cons between the two devices connected to Wifi. Hopefully after this article, readers will know between Wifi extensions and Powerline Adapters, which one is better, which one to choose? In addition, if you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comment section below the article. There are so many good wifi broadcast devices, you refer to these wireless router best here.

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