Windows 11 adds a great feature from KDE Linux

Whenever a new version of Windows is released, there are quite a few “small but useful” new features that tend to be left out or unknown to many people. Windows 11 is no exception. A very nifty little feature from KDE that Microsoft has included in its operating system platform, is the ability to adjust the system’s volume just by hovering the mouse over the volume icon.

Previously in Windows, you needed to click the volume icon (speaker) in the corner of the screen and then manually adjust the system volume. However, Microsoft software engineer Jen Gentleman has just pointed out a new feature in Windows 11, that allows you to hover over the volume icon in the system tray, and adjust the volume with the familiar scrolling motion. Slightly faster than the old way!

This new addition to Windows has also received a rather humorous response from the KDE community, as can be seen in a tweet by engineer Jen Gentleman.

Currently, this feature is only available to Windows 11 users in the Windows Insider Dev channel, so if you’re running the Beta channel or the stable version of Windows 11, it won’t be available yet and you won’t be able to experience it. experience right now. Microsoft plans to bring this feature to release versions of Windows 11, but it’s unclear when that will happen.

Practically speaking, this is a small but extremely useful feature that contributes to a more perfect user experience. Small changes like these can completely make a big difference in terms of usability, and it is also necessary to commend Microsoft for taking care of these small changes on Windows 11, although late but there is still room for improvement. than no.


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