Windows starts slowly, causes and fixes

Windows starts slowly, causes and fixes

Every time you boot your computer, it takes up to a minute to get to the Windows screen, obviously your computer is having problems. So, Windows starts up slowly because of whatever reason Windows starts up slowly. Follow our guide to find the cause and fix the problem of slow Windows startup.

There are many reasons why a computer may run slowly every time it boots up. This is easily noticeable by each visit booting the machine will take almost a minute and if it takes more than this, maybe two or three minutes, then slow Windows startup is for sure.

Windows starts slowly, causes and fixes

To fix slow computer has guided many times, but in this article we will together find the cause and how to fix slow computer on all 3 popular operating systems. Currently Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7.

Instructions to fix slow boot Windows on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7.

What causes Windows to start slowly

One of the main causes of your computer running slow is due to having Too much software comes with it at system startup. For example, VMware, Photoshop or computer protection software such as Kaspersky, iobit Driver Booster and many others. Of course not every software you can turn off because they also affect the software on startup. Readers should consider when removing some software running on the computer when booting.

Fix slow Windows startup on Windows 10

Step 1: To fix Windows slow boot on Windows 10, we click on the bar taskbar, Selection Task Manager.

Other windows restarted

Step 2: In Task Manager go to the section Startup, play contains software that comes bundled with the computer. Look carefully at the item Startup Impact and remove all level software High If necessary, the removed applications include software updates that come with the device. Particularly for software like VMWare if you uncheck it, if you want to reopen you will have to go to Services to reactivate.

Other windows restarted

In addition, you refer to the ways to start Windows 10 faster that Taimienphi has shared, these tips will help boot Windows 10 much faster.

Fix Windows booting slowly on Windows 8.1, 8

Just like Windows 10, you can fix the above error by accessing Task Manager with Ctrl + Alt + Del and going to Startup to remove them similar to the instructions for Windows 10.

Other windows restarted

Fix slow Windows startup on Windows 7

Step 1: On Windows 7 Startup is not integrated into Task Manager like the above operating systems so you have to open it in a different way. Press key combination Windows + R to open the command box RUN and enter “msconfig” to enter.

Other windows restarted

Step 2: Go to the Startup section, where you can uncheck processes as you like, the advice is that you should not remove Intel processes and software to avoid causing problems. Then click Apply and OK to confirm removal.

Other windows restarted

Fix Windows running slowly with software

This way you can apply to all operating systems including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, iobit Advanced Systemcare Pro software will help you do everything with a single click, not just optimize. Startup items, with Advanced Systemcare Pro also support optimizing the files in the system, a major problem that causes Windows to start slowly. If you like fast, lightweight without knowing a lot about computers, the job Install Advanced Systeamcare Pro Fix slow Windows errors is also an extremely optimal solution.

Readers can download the software here: Download Advanced Systeamcare Pro.

And after downloading and installing the Advanced Systeamcare Pro software, you can immediately use Advanced Systeamcare Pro with Vietnamese support.

Other windows restarted

All problems occur, causing errors in computers are handled with Advanced Systeamcare Pro.

Other windows restarted

When the process is finished, you will know your system has removed a bunch of things that slow down the computer.

Other windows restarted

Note: Advanced Systeamcare Pro software also has a startup mode automatically with the computer, remember to go to Startup to turn it off.

The way in this article partly helps you fix Windows slow booting error. There are many causes encountered during use that will continue to send to readers in the coming periods. There are also plenty of tips to make the computer run faster, instead of just focusing on fixing the errors that slow down your computer. Refer to tips to make your computer run faster right here and find the best way to optimize Windows.
Moreover, if you do not have an SSD for yourself, why not consult and buy them now, owning an SSD running Windows will reduce the time to boot Windows to at least 10 times, it will only take you a few seconds to start Windows. Refer top 6 SSD models Best 2017 to find yourself the right drive.


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