Winning the country to store meat and fish, experts warn of mistakes that are harmful to health

Winning water to make dishes more beautiful is a habit of many Vietnamese families. However, if you do not brake properly, it is very easy to seriously affect your health.

Many people often have a habit of beating sugar (distilling water) at high temperatures without knowing that this will make the sugar no longer keep its original purity and will change both smell and taste.

When the sugar is heated up, some people keep the sugar a little yellow, but there are also people who let the sugar turn yellow until it smokes, or even burn until it’s burned. When beating sugar at high temperature, it will cause beneficial molecules to be broken down, creating oxidants that are harmful to the body such as carcinogens that can cause cancer and heterocyclic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). … The more the road is burned, the more dangerous it is. Long-term use will accumulate and cause negative effects on health.

How to use water to ensure health?

According to the recommendations of experts, do not overuse sugar to process dishes. If you want to use it, you should absolutely not use high heat when cooking and when the sugar turns brown, add water to keep it both beautiful and safe for health. Absolutely do not let the road burn too much.

In addition, when cooking, you should only add enough water, do not use it to avoid causing excess sugar in the dish.

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