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WinRAR – Access hidden folders on computer


WinRAR is not only a compression and decompression software, but also a lot of other features such as accessing hidden folders on the computer, for example, and in this article we will delve deeper into the unique features of WinRAR – Access the hidden folder on your computer

Winrar is a popular compression software for users, besides there are many software with the same functions as 7-Zip or Winzip, compared to Winrar, the 7-Zip compression and decompression software is a free software. It is not only free, it also has the ability to access, view hidden folders on the computer and the following article will show you how to use winRAR to see what Hidden files, or hidden folders on your computer.

Instructions for using WinRAR to access hidden folders on the computer:

Step 1: Start WinRAR software by double-clicking the WinRAR software icon.

To use the software effectively, you can download the latest version of the software here: Download WinRAR

Display the WinRAR folder

Step 2: The WinRAR interface will appear:

Next, use the toolbar Navigation Bar to navigate to the hidden folder you want to view Eg See hidden files in surgery C: then redirect to drive C

After redirecting to the drive C: You will see some hidden files that cannot be seen normally as in the image.

You can use this method to easily view hidden files in other folders without turning on the file viewer feature in Windows. This way also helps you copy the files in the system and compress them in case you need the file to back up the system. Not only does it hide files, if your file is too big you can split it up, file splitting is also a very basic feature that many WinRAR users use.



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