Worshiping song to Mr. Cong and Mr. Apple 2022, the most perfect spring of the Year of the Tiger

Offering Cong Ong Tao to heaven is a popular spiritual ritual in Vietnamese folklore, conducted before 12 o’clock on December 23 to pay respects and send the apple to heaven. The following is an offering to Mr. Cong Ong Tao 2022 Nham Dan, invite you to refer to it to prepare and conduct the worship of Mr. Apple and Mrs. Apple in the most dignified and respectful way.

Along with offerings, carp, and the ceremony to send Mr. Cong Ong apple to heaven, it would not be possible to conduct a dignified and complete ceremony without theatrical and literary works. In this article, Taimienphi.vn will share with you worshiping Mr. Cong and Mr. Apple in 2022 from feng shui experts, to help you understand the ritual of worship and best prepare for the family’s worship ceremony on the upcoming December 23rd.

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1. Worshiping song to Mr. Cong Ong Apple in 2022

Here is the most standard Van Vows to Cong Ong Tao that you can use in the upcoming December 23rd.

1.1. The most standard prayer essay on Mr. Cong Mr. Apple 2022, lesson 1

(Excerpt from Vietnamese traditional vows – Culture and Information Publishing House)

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

I bow to the heavens of the nine directions, the buddhas of the ten directions, the buddhas of the ten directions

I respectfully bow to Mr. Dong Tru Tu Manh Tao Phu Than Quan.

I trustee(us) are: …

Residing at: …

Today, December 23, our faithful faithful are going to prepare incense and flowers, wear clothes and hats, and pay respects to the god. Ignite the incense of my master’s faith and sincerely pay homage.

We respectfully invite Mr. Dong Tru Tu Mang Tao Phu Than Quan to manifest before the judgment of enjoying the offering.

Praying for God’s family to pardon all mistakes made in the past year by our owners.

May the god bless and bless all of us, boys and girls, young and old, good health, prosperity and good fortune.

We worship sincerely, respectfully pray, and ask for God’s protection and protection.

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Valves for men and women 2022

The most standard poem dedicated to Mr. Cong Ong from the experts

1.2. Literary worship of Mr. Cong The apple returns to heaven, model number 2

Dear God

Respectfully bow to the Five Emperors, the Eastern Emperor Qing, the Red Emperor in the South, the White Emperor in the West, the Black Emperor in the North, and the Central Emperor.

Salute to the top lord, god general, god general

The Center of the Divine General Thien Thien Binh

Xia Tian General Thien Thien Horse

Kudos to the mountain god, the dragon god, the earth god, the earth god of the earth, the earth god of the apple army, the land of the future sieve the witness

Today is December 23 of the year… Canh Ty. It is the day when the god Tao Quan returned to heaven to play early

My name is… born on… month…… place of origin… permanent address…

With a sincere heart, I would like to have some offerings, incense, and petitions to invite God, the Five Emperors, the Divine Generals, Thien Generals, Thien Binh, Thien Ma, and other gods in heaven and on earth, to witness. let me see off the god Tho Cong Tao Quan to heaven.

Respectfully bow to the earth god of the land, to the apple of the army, to the earth of the future, to testify. In the past year, thanks to your blessings, we have been healthy, happy, and have all the good fortune.

Now I pray with a sincere heart to see him off to heaven and ask God, the Five Emperors, and the gods to bless and protect my country, my homeland, my family and my family. , prosperity.

I ask God, the Five Emperors, the gods, and them to testify to my reverence.

May God, the Five Emperors, the fairies and them all live forever!

(I thank you, I thank you, I thank you)

After making offerings, pay respects 9 times.

Van khan Ong is the most beautiful man

Literary cult of Mr. Cong The apple returns to heaven

1. 3. Literary worship of Mr. Cong Ong Apple December 23, 2022, model number 3

Today is the 23rd day of the 12th month of the year of the Tiger

My trustee is…

Villagers… commune… district… province…

With respect to the whole family.

In front of the spiritual seat of Dong Tru Tu, the Tao Palace, Than Quan. Respectfully say:

It’s the end of winter now / The four quarters of a round / The third of December

Fixing the offering ceremony / Fruits and incense lamps / Siamese robes and hats

Adapted from the old ceremony / He is the master / The five syllables

Examining the naked heart / Apple army witness /

In the year of wrongdoing / Mistakes / Praying to God

Blessings/Blessings/Blessings for the whole family

Young and old boys and girls / Good security

Be careful

Bai khan Ong Cong Ong I'm sorry

Van vows Ong Cong Ong apple bestows the god of fortune in 2022

2. The meaning of the worshiping ceremony of Mr. Cong Ong Apple in 2022

According to Vietnamese folklore, Mr. Cong Ong apples are sacred gods, responsible for governing all matters of luck and fortune in the family. Every year on December 23, the apple man will marry a carp to fly to the sky and report the things that happened in the families in the past year.

On the 23rd, families will prepare offerings, carp, and read offerings to Mr. Cong Ong Apple in 2022 to show sincerity and express their wishes for a lucky and favorable new year for the whole family.

The custom of worshiping Cong Ong Tao is also a tool for our ancestors to teach their children and grandchildren about living, thinking, doing good and honest deeds, helping people and helping the world to create merit for tomorrow.

3. On what date will you worship the Tao in 2022?

According to feng shui experts, the ceremony to worship Ong Cong Ong apple should be celebrated before 12 noon on December 23.

In 2022, the worshiping ceremony of Ong Cong Ong Apple will fall on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 of the solar calendar. Therefore, if not arranged to worship Ong Ong Ong apple in the morning of the 23rd, busy families can make offerings in the afternoon or evening of December 22nd.

In the year 2022, I will come in soon

Mr. Cong Ong Tao 2022 how many days? What day?

4. Offerings to Mr. Mr. Mr. Apple

To offer worshiping ceremony to Ong Cong Ong apple, the family needs to prepare a tray of salty offerings, carp, incense, lamps, fresh flowers, and hats of apples.

As follows:

– Savory tray: Including popular offerings such as bamboo shoot soup, spring rolls, boiled chicken, boiled pork, fried spring rolls, vermicelli, sticky rice gac,…

View details: The tray of offerings to Mr. Cong Ong Apple

– Offerings: 3 yellow carp or red carp (choose healthy, fast, flexible fish), fresh flowers, rice, salt, incense, wine, white water, confectionery, fruit fresh.
– Apple army hat: includes 2 grandfather hats and 1 grandmother hat, gold coins.


– For Buddhist families, it is possible to replace the salty meal with a pure vegetarian one
– If the owner has children, it is necessary to order a new type of rooster to practice crows (newly grown chickens) to worship Mr. This will help Mr. Mr. Apple to talk to Ngoc Hoang and ask for the child to grow up healthy, have a lot of energy, and live proudly like a rooster.
– Each region and family will have a different way of presenting and decorating the ceremony of worshiping Mr. Usually, for families with large altars, offerings will be displayed on the board. For families with small altars or hanging altars, the worshiping ceremony will be displayed on a small table below.

How to supply Tao immediately

Offerings to Mr. Cong Ong Apple on December 23 are correct, helping the owner to show his respect

5. How to perform the Ceremony of Worshiping the Duke of the Apple in 2022

After preparing the offerings, the ceremony will need to light lamps, candles, pour wine and water, burn incense, read aloud and clearly the text worshiping Mr. Cong Ong apple in 2022 above.

Note: The person who performs the worshiping ceremony is usually the head of the family. Before worshiping, it is necessary to take a clean bath, dress dignified and polite to show respect to the mandarins.

6. Notes when worshiping Mr

– The worshiping ceremony of Ong Cong Ong apple needs to be conducted before 12 o’clock on December 23. Offerings do not need to be too luxurious, but they must not be made lightly, so as not to offend the superiors.

– The essence of worshiping Mr. Cong Ong apple is to see off the gods to the heavens, report the work and actions of the owner to the Jade Emperor. Therefore, during the ceremony, homeowners should not beg too much, but only focus on asking them to report good things, ignore bad things, and create opportunities to correct mistakes in the following year.

– After the ceremony, burning incense and making vows, waiting for the incense to fade, the householder re-lights the incense for a week, turns it into gold, and brings the carp to the river to release.

Above are the details of the ceremony of worshiping Mr. Cong Ong apple 2022, the prayer vowing Mr. Cong Ong apple on December 23, the most standard for families in 3 North, Central, and South regions and the notes when doing it. Please read and refer to the family’s ritual of worshiping the apple to the heavens to be dignified and the most formal!

After the worshiping ceremony of Ong Cong Ong apple will be the New Year’s Eve worshiping ceremony. To see off the old mandarin, welcome the new year’s mandarin, and wish the family a happy and prosperous year, you need to consult and print it out. New Year’s Eve vows in 2022 down here.

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