Xiaomi plans to ship 300,000 electric cars per year

There are many types of greenhouse gas emissions generated by human activities, in which, exhaust fumes from vehicles account for a large part. In the context of climate change due to the greenhouse effect is progressing faster than expected, governments around the world are actively promoting the implementation of measures to encourage people to switch to using transportation. electric passage.

Electric vehicles are now seen as the future of the auto industry. This is also the reason why not only the more traditional car manufacturers tend to shift their attention to the electric vehicle network, but even the big tech companies don’t want to be late to lose a piece of the market share. fat.

According to a recent report from Reuters, Chinese technology giant Xiaomi is planning to build a “super factory” to produce electric cars in the suburbs of Beijing, with a production capacity of no less than 300,000 pcs per year at. Earlier in October last year, CEO Lei Jun, revealed that he hopes Xiaomi can mass produce electric vehicles by 2024, and this newly announced factory complex will be an important factor in helping to improve the quality of electric vehicles. realize that goal.

The news of Xiaomi’s factory in Beijing was announced by Beijing E-Town on its official WeChat account. The plant will be built in two phases, but details are yet to be revealed. In addition, the sources also said that Xiaomi will build a large complex including EV headquarters, sales and research offices in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone (Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone). .

In March of this year, Xiaomi publicly announced that it would spend no less than 10 billion USD on the development of electric cars in the next decade. The disbursement plan will start from August after the company’s EV business registration is completed.

Thus, it can be seen that Xiaomi’s ambitions in the electric vehicle market cannot be underestimated, and the company is really serious in its investment plan. China is one of the largest, if not the largest, electric vehicle consumption markets in the world. Therefore, the opportunity for Xiaomi to quickly capture market share is entirely possible, before “swimming into the big sea” with a low-cost strategy – good configuration that they have been very successful in the smartphone segment.


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