Xiaomi’s new MCP battery can control overnight charging, increasing capacity by 10%

Xiaomi’s new MCP battery has a monitoring circuit, improving the safety of overnight charging while increasing capacity by 10% with the same size. Xiaomi will equip this new battery on its high-end smartphone lines from the second half of next year.

Xiaomi uses a different packaging technology on the new battery to increase the silicon content by 3 times and the capacity to increase by 10%. This helps to increase the battery life by about 100 minutes compared to the old battery of the same size.

Xiaomi also changed the layout to save space for the battery inside. Specifically, the protection circuit module (PCM) switches to a 90-degree angle instead of lying flat, shrinking and bending the control circuits compared to normal.

For example, with the new battery technology, a phone model can hold a 4,400 mAh battery instead of the old 4,000 mAh battery.

Xiaomi also equips the new battery with a separate chip that measures battery life based on advanced algorithms to monitor the night charging process and analyze the charging temperature of the battery. This is to help minimize overcharging when devices are charged for too long, which can quickly drain the battery, limit overheating, and increase battery life.

Not only Xiaomi but other phone manufacturers are also very concerned with the problem of overnight charging. In March 2021, Apple added the Optimized Battery Charging feature to help analyze how often users plug in the charger, control the charging speed when the battery reaches 80%. At the same time, the technology company also recommends that users do not charge overnight.

Oppo’s Optimized Night Charge feature helps control phone charging to 80% and only continues to charge depending on the user’s morning habit of unplugging the charger.


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