Xmeye application manual Camera view

Xmeye Camera is one of the applications used to view the camera directly on the phone with a simple way to connect and use Xmeye Camera view, supporting many popular types of cameras today.

With Xmeye Camera Viewing the camera on a phone is easier than ever. There are many people who use Xmeye to see Camera by the Simple, fast connection and without too many complicated operations Like some software, other applications today. Moreover, the compatibility of Xmeye Camera is highly appreciated so you can be assured of the type of camera you are supported by Xmeye Camera.

User manual Xmeye see Camera

Step 1: To use Xmeye Camera view we need to download Xmeye Camera, Xmeye Camera currently supports both Android and iPhone with the same interface and operation.

– Download Xmeye Camera for Android here.
– Download Xmeye Camera for iPhone here.

Step 2: After downloading Xmeye Camera, now you allow this application to access some basic rights on the machine and then click on Register to register for an account.

Guide to using Xmeye Camera Viewer 2

Step 3: Enter your Email address and get the verification code again.

Guide to using Xmeye Camera Viewer 3

Step 4: Next we enter the username and 2 times the password below to proceed to login. After registration is complete, you can click on Cloud Login to login immediately.

Guide to using Xmeye Camera Viewer 4

Step 5: Go inside Xmeye Camera, to install the camera, click the + icon, then fill in the following information:

Name: Enter the display name, anything is fine.
IP / Domain: Enter the IP address of the camera or the domain name you have, note this you must know or ask the person who set up the camera beforehand to know.
Port: Enter the HTTP port, usually 37777 (default camera).
User: Enter the user account name to access the camera you want to use Xmeye to see Camera.
Pass: Enter your account password to use Xmeye to see Camera.

Note: Do not forget to tick Advanced and DDNS Please.

Guide to using Xmeye Camera Viewer 5

Step 6: Wait a moment and you will see the full list of cameras in your system showing up on the Xmeye Camera app.

Guide to using Xmeye Camera Viewer 6

Here we can use Xmeye Camera view with 1 camera interface, 4 cameras or even 9 and 16 cameras.

Guide to using Xmeye Camera Viewer 7

How many cameras, Xmeye Camera will load for you and of course to watch live without lag or shock depending on the quality of the camera as well as the transmission line.

Guide to using Xmeye Camera Viewer 8

We can rotate the screen horizontally to view full screen with 9 cameras max.

Guide to using Xmeye Camera Viewer 9

Click on each Camera to see the full screen directly.

Guide to using Xmeye Camera Viewer 10

So Taimienphi.vn has completed instructions on how to use Xmeye Camera view, with Xmeye Camera application you can easily view directly, review or download to your device. Not only using Xmeye Camera view on mobile devices, users can install Xmeye Camera on the computer with a separate software version. Xmeye Camera on the computer with more features, more utilities for the user. If possible you should Install Xmeye Camera on a computer to use in case the phone is not available.

Xmeye Camera is really good, it is one of the best camera software for computers and phones today. If readers are using camera viewing software on computers, phones or better than Xmeye Camera, please share with us for everyone to use.


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