Yellow notes before buying a wifi transmitter

Yellow notes before buying a wifi transmitter

At first glance, most Wifi transmitters are quite similar. However, in reality, Wifi transmitter models will have different features and configurations. The following article will give you the yellow attention before buying Wifi transmitters

Not all Wifi transmitters are the same. Devices will vary in speed, price, brand and more. If you are intending to buy a Wifi transmitter, here are the yellow notes before buy a Wifi transmitter you need to note to be able to buy the best Wifi transmitter.

Connection speed

Usually Wifi Router providers advertise their device speed in megabits per second (Mbps). The first Wifi Router models offered 11 Mbps, followed by mid-range 802.11g routers at 54 Mbps, 802.11n routers from 150 Mbps to 600 Mbps, and current 802.11ac routers at 1 Gbps.

Users may be tempted by high-speed Wifi transmitters. However, the actual performance that the device achieves is often much lower than advertised. Moreover, high speed routers cannot increase the speed of direct Internet connection.

Popular models

If the percentage of users who buy a WiFi transmitter is high, that device is good. Leading networks tend to have the latest technology, but it’s not necessarily the best. So if you are planning to buy Wifi transmitters, you should check the online sales of devices to choose the best device for you.

Here are some Internet Router devices you might consider:

– Wifi 802.11ac Router.
– Wifi Router 802.11g.
– Wifi 802.11n Router.


Wifi Router manufacturers often provide warranty packages for their devices. The warranty period of manufacturers varies, with manufacturers offering long-term warranties, with vendors offering short-term warranties.

Device manufacturers who provide long-term warranties are committed to supporting their products for longer, with greater reliability. So, a small note that before buying Wifi transmitters, you should consider choosing manufacturers that provide long-term warranty packages.

Feedback from other users

You can refer to reviews, opinions of users who are using Wifi transmitters on blogs, websites of retailers, forums, … to make decisions. Because the home network is a bit complicated, the Wifi transmitters may not work perfectly, so there will be good and bad reviews, so you need to consider and make your own decisions.

Choose a brand

Network providers can sometimes add extensions to their products to improve better performance, and also to grow their brands. In addition, the provider will also more closely check compatibility with user devices.

If you’ve ever used certain electronics of a brand, or that brand has a reputation, you can choose to buy their Wifi transmitter. Or if not try researching the brands in the market and choose a brand that you trust.

Size and style

If you intend to place the Wifi transmitter in the living room or central location in the room, you can choose to buy devices with stylish designs.

If space is limited, and you intend to place the Wifi transmitter in another location, you might consider choosing the right sized device. Small and medium-sized businesses, or users who are interested in mobility, can move to consider small, mobile-capable WiFi transmitters.

The price is suitable for your pocket

Often when new products are released, manufacturers will have sales and discounts on their old products.

If your budget doesn’t allow it, you can wait until device manufacturers open deals to buy, or consider low-cost WiFi devices that meet your requirements.
Above are the yellow notes before buying a Wifi transmitter that provides for you. Knowing these notes, you can rest assured that choose for themselves the wifi transmitter, strong wifi modem, best and for your money.


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