YouTube hides the number of dislikes on videos, what is the reason?

YouTube is making a big change to the way users interact with their service. From now on, viewers on YouTube will no longer see dislikes. The dislike button is still there, users can still use it if they don’t like the video they are watching on YouTube but only the creator of the video can see the total number of dislikes.

YouTube says dislike attacks and other forms of harassment prompted it to make this change.

Over the past three years, YouTube has experimented with a variety of methods to help protect content creators, YouTubers. In which, hiding dislike is most effective because when not seeing the number of dislikes, viewers will not be prompted to click the dislike button. YouTube’s protections are especially effective with new channels because they are more affected than reputable channels.

However, this adjustment will also have far-reaching effects on the entire YouTube platform. Viewers often use the dislike button to judge whether the video is good or not or the information in the video is correct. Now, when the number of dislikes is hidden, viewers have no way to know the quality of the video as soon as they access it.

“We know that you may disagree with this decision, but we believe it is the right thing to do for the platform.”, YouTube shared.

YouTube itself also has to receive dislike storms. YouTube’s YouTube Rewind 2018 video is currently the video with the most dislikes, up to 19 million. Earlier this year, YouTube decided to terminate the Rewind program on the grounds that the platform was too large to be summarized and aggregated with a single video.


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