Youtube – How to speed up the loading speed to watch Videos

Recently, many people have wondered why watching Videos on Youtube is not as fast as before, the loading speed is quite slow. would like to introduce you the best methods to help improve the speed of video loading on this Website.

Youtube is the largest video sharing website on the Internet today, every day there are hundreds and even hundreds of thousands of hits per day, synonymous with the speed of downloading videos on Youtube is also significantly reduced. There are many methods to help you speed up the viewing of Videos on this Website, the following article will guide you one by one.
Speed ​​up watching videos on Youtube

* Method 1: Set Firewall mode on the computer.

Step 1: Open a Command Prompt window (cmd) (see also how to start Command Prompt on Windows 7)

Step 2: Copy the following command into the Command Prompt

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name = “TWCYouTubeFIX” dir = in action = block remoteip = / 24, / 16 enable = yes

Press Enter

This is a quick download because of the YouTube video downloader

Step 3: Restart the computer and turn on any Youtube Video, at first the video may load a bit slow but the loading speed will be significantly faster.

Attention: If the above method does not work, cancel the command by typing the following command into the Command Prompt

netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name = “TWCYouTubeFIX”

* Method 2: Play Video on HTML5 technology platform

The latest HTML5 technology helps you watch Youtube Videos at a much faster rate than before. If you used to have Flash Player installed on your computer before, YouTube now uses HTML5 technology instead. However, not all videos support HTML5, so depending on the video you can watch this technology.

Step 1: Access to YouTube mode HTML5 Video Player

Step 2: Click Request the HTML5 player to activate this mode

If you do not want to continue using this function, access the HTML5 address, click Use the default player to return to the Request the HTML5 player status as the original.

* Method 3:Disable the functionDash Playback

This is the best method for computers that use the old operating system, have slow Internet connection and want to load all the videos instead of watching and loading as before. In Youtube, there is a mode to split Video file into several parts and each section contains a corresponding Video developed by DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) technology.

Step 1: To access the YouTube installation directory, your computer must install an add-on for Youtube called Youtube Center. You can download the Add-ons compatible with each Web browser here

Step 2: After installing the Add-on for the browser, visit Youtube to enter Youtube Center Settings -> Player -> Turn off the function Dash Playback

The above 3 ways are the most basic ways to accelerate the download speed when watching videos on Youtube, you will not be annoyed because you have to watch the video download or have to open the Youtube Video for a while before the Video will load automatically. watch it all.


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